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A Quest For The Best Essential Oils Online

by Dr Silvia Hartmann, Author of "Aromatherapy For The Soul"



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I Buy Aromatherapy Online ...

The authors personal collection of aromatherapy oils from many different online suppliers.

In the spring of 2007, I decided to write a new book -  on the magical & energetic properties of Aromatherapy Essential Oils and how they affect the energy body, and thus a person's "state" - their emotions, their thinking, their actions, their levels of well being.

I started with the essential oils I already had in my cupboard, an eclectic collection gathered up in various new age shops and health food stores I had visited home and abroad for the past few years. Then I ran out and I asked myself, ok, what else is out there?

Thus I sat down on my computer, called up the trusty Google page and typed in "buy aromatherapy oils online" for the first time.

As always, such a search produces many results; and I set to work with picking a supplier of aromatherapy essential oils, working my way through their list of oils, their ordering processes and waiting for my parcels to arrive.

This is in essence - pardon the pun! - what I did all the year long, one way or the other. I also looked up Latin names for essential oils, because it is only when you know what species of plant the essential oil has come from that you can be sure what exactly it is, as many of the oils have various nicknames and are sold under all these different titles. Further, I looked up images relating to the plants used in aromatherapy in order to create my own paintings for each of the oils; so my travels around the web and across many sites that sell aromatherapy oils online was indeed, most extensive.

The reason for writing the book in the first place was well reflected in most of these sites; they look like they belong to pharmaceutical companies rather than suppliers of magic oils (which, in my opinion, is what aromatherapy oils are, and I make no bones about it).

Most sites lacked soul, or any meaningful connection to an individual visitor; I am guessing they were interested in only selling to aromatherapy practitioners who are working with one foot firmly perched in the allopathic medicine systems and love nothing more than to think in terms of "only prescribing a chemical cocktail and there's nothing whatsoever weird going on here at all ..."

Well, I'm not one of those so the clinical approach doesn't turn me on. It certainly doesn't put me in a mood for spending more than I had planned to spend, or made me want to try new things, add something extra to the basket so I guess ... that pays off for me then ... ;-/

I ordered oils from over two dozen sites over the year and rather than going into the ones I didn't like, what I am going to do is to name the ones that stood out to me.

Quality Of Essential Oils Online

For me, the first deciding factor is the depth, quality and richness of the oils. I am happy to go through a convoluted order process, pay premium prices and wait for a couple of weeks if what turns up in the end is delightful, resonant, full of life and makes my soul sing.

I am happy to report that actually none of the online oils were anywhere near as purile and disappointing than essential oils I had purchased previously from new age shops and  health food stores.

Some of those were so miserable, dead and often diluted to a point where you couldn't smell what they were supposed to be, but the base of grapeseed or sunflower came through perfectly strongly, that I got really quite angry. I think that this is probably due to the fact that shops buy cheaply, store essential oils badly, and that they were probably long out of code, having been purchased with an inventory many years previously. So even the "worst" of my online aromatherapy oil purchases compared actually very well to in store  purchases. Now I'm not saying there aren't stores out there with good oils; I am sure there are many wonderful and conscientious purveyors out there, but I would advise caution when buying oils from a general New Age or health food store that just has a half filled rack with dust on the lids.

In the essential oil field you get people who are extremely passionate about what they do - sourcing organic high quality oils, buying in directly from the suppliers all around the world rather than from a middle man, and actually keeping track of changes with suppliers, being deeply involved in every stage of the production and storage process. One such purveyor told me that where the oils were stored, at night when the lights were switched off, music would be played to them to keep them happy and resonant!

I enjoyed that, and I advocate to try and find a supplier like that for yourself.

Here are my personal favourites amongst the many online shops for aromatherapy essential oils.


The Best Aromatherapy Oils Online

First Prize goes to:

Oshadhi Aromatherapy

Oshadhi Aromatherapy - The Winner Now that was a different experience. I have had many occasions where something I ordered wasn't available before; what always happens is that I get a note that the purchase price for the item has been refunded with the delivery; sometimes I get an email telling me the sad news.

This time, I got a phone call from the proprietor who suggested substitutions, explained in detail what the differences were between the essential oil I had ordered and the one that would serve as a substitute; and happily agreed to send me some extra Dill (my personal favourite at the moment) to make up the difference in price. Wow. What a TOTALLY different experience that was!

I was also told details about the choices of suppliers; the strict organic rules at every step of the production and storage processes for the essential oils along the way from the field in Egypt to my doorstep  (!) and received my amended order the very next day.


The oils themselves were really outstanding. I was really impressed with the many subtle layers and I also received some superb testers for free. Sterling oils, good prices and a practitioner of aromatherapy can get a 25% discount on repeat orders, which I thought was very neat as well.

Also, Oshadhi Aromatherapy has the widest range of oils - 450 or more. They were the only supplier for Holy Basil - the very last essential oil I was trying to find in order to include in my book! - I could find in the United Kingdom.

I highly commend such dedication, so the First Prize in my personal "buy aromatherapy oils online" competition goes to:



And For Our Friends from the US:

Aromatherapy US: Shining Sun Aromatherapy Review

Aromatherapy US: Buy Essential Oils In The United States Of America

Lots of people have asked me about a US aromatherapy essential oil supplier I can recommend, and in April of 2009, I made contact with Audre Gutierrez from Shining Sun Aromatherapy.

She sent me samples and they were absolutely FABULOUS - rich, deep, vibrant and amazingly satisfying.

You can read my full review and the story of Wild Tansy - wonderful! - on my blog: Aromatherapy US: Shining Sun

So I am delighted to be able to recommend Shining Sun and the aromatherapy products and services they offer most wholeheartedly, and the 2009 prize for "the best essential oils in the US" goes to:



Other Good Suppliers Of Aromatherapy Online:

Quinessence Aromatherapy

Quinessence Essential Oils, 2nd Prize Winner in the Aromatherapy Online ContestRich, satisfying oils, good prices, speedy delivery.

Customer contact is impersonal/robotic/nonexistent, web site functional and efficient and it's all very clinical.

The essential oils however are very nice indeed and I would recommend them to anyone, especially the exotic/luxurious kind such as Rose, Jasmin, Lotus and one of my personal favourites, Champaka.



Amphora Aromatics

Amphora Aromatics, 3rd Prize winners in the Aromatherapy Online CompetitionThey managed to totally confuse me on more than one occasion with their two sites, one called retail and one called wholesale, which in my mind is both sort of shopping (!) and I have a log in for one and not the other. Still. The essential oils are very good, good prices and I do appreciate the fact that you can actually read the labels on the bottles without having to put on an extra pair of glasses or peering into a dark cupboard with your nose pressed up against every bottle before you find what you're looking for. All hail for that! I do sincerely wish other bottlers/distributors would take a leaf out of their book. Quality of the oils is one thing, but if you use them every single day, and you have lots of these essential oils like I do, it really becomes bugging having to pick up half a dozen different ones and peer at them before you find the one you're actually looking for.

This personal diatribe apart, full marks for speedy delivery, well labelled bottles, and very nice, reasonably priced essential oils.

http://www.amphora-retail.com/  or  http://www.amphora-wholesale.com/


Essential Oils Online UK

Honourable Mention For Essential Oils Online Co.uk

I was very satisfied with their service and prices, and the oils themselves were also of good quality. They don't have the biggest selection on Earth, but the oils they do have seem lovingly chosen and carefully treated.

One bonus you get with these aromatherapy oil suppliers is that they give free postage on orders over 50 which I appreciated.

They also sell very reasonably priced blue glass jars and bottles.



Abbey Essentials

Abbey Essentials Aromatherapy Online Store

I bought a number of essential oils from Abbey Essentials and they were - delicious. Since I've purchased the oils, they have a new website which is snazzy I guess but the old one had much more character and charm. I'm not sure I would have ordered from the new one if I'd come across it, it looks just like any other site there is out there now.

I am not sure if there has been a change of ownership, so I shall have to order something else before I can recommend Abbey - but certainly until 6 months ago at least, their Angelica was something to sing about.



Norfolk Essential Oils

Norfolk Essential Oils OnlineNorfolk Essential Oils or NEO isn't a distributor but a co-operative of growers who actually grow and distil their own aromatherapy oils.

As such, this is a place to buy locally grown oils and also some unusual items, such as a special Frankincense variety that is grown in the UK - very interesting it is too, on many different levels.

You won't find "1000 different oils" at NEO but the ones you do find are really snazzy and they also come in larger sizes in very cute aluminium storage containers, that still fit in the 30ml size into my aromatherapy shelf.


Just Aromatherapy

Buy Cheap Essential oils online

Looking for a way to save money but don't want to buy cheap essential oils?

Try Just Aromatherapy - they provide good, solid, down to Earth aromatherapy essential oils at very reasonable prices.

You can't get the "high exotics" here but the staples of essential oils we use every day can be bought for very reasonable prices.


I am sure there are many more good and dedicated, honest suppliers of aromatherapy oils online - if your favourite company isn't mentioned here, it doesn't mean I didn't like it or there was something wrong with it.

  • If you have good oils for sale, and you would like me to review your company or services on this page, please contact me and send me a minimum of three samples of any size plus any important details that make your aromatherapy oils stand out.



Buying Aromatherapy Oils Online: The Verdict

My online shopping experience for oils has been very good overall; there were no bitter disappointments or outright frauds at all amongst the many companies I ordered from this year.

That is very heartening in and of itself.

I would say that for many suppliers, the problem must be that I did not even find them in the first place. There are many website design companies who make a pretty site but they clearly don't understand the first thing about SEO  (search engine optimisation), to the degree that a very nice site belonging to an honest company might simply be invisible to someone like me who is actively looking to spend money on aromatherapy products.

That's something I personally deplore, because I believe that taking money off of someone for a website WITHOUT considering and delivering at least basic SEO is like selling someone a car without tyres, or an engine - a total rip off.

So if you have a company where I and others might "buy aromatherapy oils online" and you're not showing on web searches, by all means, let's talk!




Aromatherapy Oil Online Buying Tips

Here are my top tips for buying aromatherapy essential oils online:

Aromatherapy Tips IllustrationIf the bottle/ad on the site doesn't have the Latin name of the plant which provides the essential oil, go somewhere else. Clearly these people don't care enough - or they don't even know, which is worse.

Aromatherapy Tips IllustrationI really appreciate a sell by date on the bottle. I don't follow it, but again, it shows some investment and care by those who have produced this product.

Aromatherapy Tips IllustrationDon't buy oils from second- or third level retailers or drop ship people. I've done this on a few occasions and have been dissatisfied with the results. The Internet allows us to deal directly with a distributor who should be the only link in the chain between the growers and the end user - you.

Aromatherapy Tips IllustrationDon't buy aromatherapy essential oils from a place where they appear to be some sort of afterthought. By this I mean sites which have all sorts of cosmetics, jewellery and hairsprays listed and somewhere in there is a section with "Essential Oils". It can lead to no good.

Aromatherapy Tips IllustrationFollowing on from that, find a site that specialises in essential oils and has some explanation in the "About Us" section as to who they are and why they're doing this (rather than selling plastic buckets). Someone who LOVES essential oils and really cares for their products is always going to be a superior supplier.

Aromatherapy Tips IllustrationComparing prices alone and buying the cheapest oils doesn't bring the best results. Think about it. How long does it take for you to get through a single bottle of Frankincense? Or Rose? And is the disappointment each time you use it really worth it?

Aromatherapy Tips IllustrationShop around. Aromatherapy is one of those things that has a strong personal preference attached. Buy three, four cheap essential oils like Lemon, Lavender and Tea Tree from a number of different suppliers and compare them. You'll soon be able to tell the difference!

Aromatherapy Tips IllustrationChoose one special comparison oil that you ALWAYS order - I use Clary Sage. I always include it in my purchase because I use it for a benchmark to judge the supplier by; if their Clary Sage comes up to scratch, I will order other and more expensive items there as well.

Aromatherapy Tips IllustrationTry and make a personal contact with the aromatherapy oil supplier. Phone them up or email them. Ask them a question, ask for free samples or discounts. How they respond to you tells you everything you need to know about the company you are dealing with.

Dr Silvia Hartmann 2007/2008/2009/2010


Buy Aromatherapy Online - Quality Of Essential Oils Online - The Best Aromatherapy Oils Online - Aromatherapy US - Other Good Suppliers Of Aromatherapy Online - Aromatherapy Oil Online Buying Tips


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