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Carrot Seed: "The Hard Worker"

Daucus Carota: Compelling, convincing, no nonsense, practical hard work, extra energy, extra willpower, physical strength, endurance.


Aromatherapy Essential Oil Carrot Seed, "The Hard Worker", Daucus Carota

  • Carrot Seed is good for people who have a tendency to "go off with the fairies", dream their days away, shy away from hard work, think they don't have any willpower, and feel generally weak and inefficient in their daily dealings with themselves and others.

Aromatherapy Story Start

A woman sits in the middle of her living room on the floor, in the lotus position. She is meditating. Around her, her children are screaming and fighting; the family dog is chasing the family cat which jumps up on the table and spills everything in its flight - milk flies everywhere, cereal, porcelain breaking, a spoon hits the baby in the face and it starts to scream ...

A tiny person dressed in a red cloak and hood enters the room, invisible to all the occupants. The fairy person climbs up on the woman's shoulders and tugs on her earlobe, whispers something. The woman opens her eyes. She puts the dog and the cat out, calls the children to help her clear up, soothes the baby.

Not much later, and we find the woman on her sofa, smiling at her baby, the cat curled up beside her; the children are playing happily and the dog is asleep in its basket.


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