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Tagetes: "The Enchantment"

Tagetes Glandulifera: Instantly compelling, enriching, balances strongly, re-centring, eye opening, seeing the extraordinary in everything


Aromatherapy Essential Oil Tagetes, "The Enchantment", Tagetes Glandulifera

  • Tagetes or Marigold for is wonderful for people who are in need of some serious re-connection with the joy of life, with the delights of life, with the many, many ways in which our World can give us pleasure if only we stopped worrying and just opened up to the enchantments all around us.

Aromatherapy Story Start

There once was a woman who was driven to perfection in all things. She insisted that absolutely everything had to be done just so, every little item, every little detail, all the time and everywhere. She drove her husband and her children crazy, nobody liked her and she had no friends at all because she always criticised everything and everyone, and most of all, herself.

Eventually, her husband couldn't stand it any more. He went to see a witch and asked for spell to make her stop and consider what she was doing with her life. The witch gave him a magic potion but warned him it would last only for a single day and night; but it might do the trick. The magic potion was an enchantment that took all judgements away, and for a single day and a single night, the woman lived in pleasure and excitement - about how amazing her children were, how wondrously blessed she was with material goods and her own good body and mind, and in the night, the blessing of a man who truly loved her and could make her happy in so many different ways.

In the morning, the enchantment was gone but the memories remained - and the woman had learned her lesson and even though it was sometimes difficult to stop the judging, she never went back to her previous ways.


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