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Oshadhi Aromatherapy United Kingdom -

Oshadhi Aromatherapy Germany -

Quinessence Aromatherapy Essential Oils -

Amphora Aromatics -

Essential Oils Online UK -

Abbey Essentials Aromatherapy -

Norfolk Essential Oils UK - (home grown & harvested)

Your Aromatherapy UK - Aromatherapy related products for therapists, students, home users and retailers  -

Just Aromatherapy. a  trusted family owned UK company: 100% pure therapeutic quality aromatherapy essential oils, organic essential oils, massage oils, carrier oils, incense sticks, oil burners, fragrance oils, and other aromatherapy & fragrance products -

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Aromatherapy Blog For Aromatherapy For The Soul with Dr Hartmann

Dr Silvia Hartmann's Blog - Find out about the latest news and views from the SFX universe.

StarFields Art Blog - Latest artwork, design, photos etc.

Nicola Quinn Blog - News, health, healing, tachyon, magic & more.

SFX Magic Advice Blog - Ask SFX about spells, potions, and energy magic.

The StressFish Blog - The StressFish's thoughts, trials and tribulations!


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Other Recommended Links

Project Sanctuary - This is the extraordinary creativity process by which the stories for Aromatherapy For Your Soul, the ideas for Creative Aromatherapy, and The Magic Garden in its entirety have come from. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

DragonRising Publishing - Amazing free downloads, meditations, hypnosis mp3s, ebooks on healing and a great range of state-of-the-art 21st century personal development books and courses. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Dr Silvia Hartmann Home Pages - Discover more about how tools and techniques, energy and inspiration, words and images can help you a better life with Dr Silvia Hartmann's unique and exciting contributions.

Beautifully Enchanting Hypnosis Programs - Discover HypnoDreams and HypnoSolutions, a radically different approach to self help with hypnosis and energy healing in sounds and visions.

Magic Spells & Potions - The fascinating worlds of energy magic spells, potions, rituals, symbols and more - bright and beautiful magic for the modern age.

The Spirit Of Animals - Celebrating the spirit and energy of the animal kingdom. Check out the Bach Flower Essences section.

Get Over Stress with The Stressfish! - Lots of great ideas how to de-stress, stress tips from real people, fun and serious stress articles.

Beautiful Images of Crystals, Ice and Glass at Plus great relaxing videos of the WonderWorlds. Do Visit!

Emotional Help & Advice about all emotions and feelings at - Find out about depression, anger, love and more.

Learn a totally new and amazing way of working with energy - way beyond the "old stuff", this is amazing!

The StarFields Network - Modern people doing interesting things with mind, body, spirit healing and personal development. Visit the news portal.

EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques Diagrams, Protocols, Articles & News

NLP NeuroLinguistic Programming with Dr Silvia Hartmann - Language magic, metaphor, NLP stories and NLP patterns plus energy.

Energy Magic - Energy body, the energy dimensions, working with energy, energy healing , aroma-energy and more @

Fantasy Fiction - Did you like the Aromatherapy stories? Find more magical fantasy stories, novels, fairy tales, fantasy journeys and reviews at

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