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Aromatherapy for Your Soul is currently available only in ELECTRONIC FORMAT.

If you go on to buy this product, you will receive a DOWNLOAD LIBRARY which contains:




Aromatherapy For Your Soul

The complete manual containing all 121 essences with quality colour images in Adobe PDF Format.

Creative Aromatherapy

The complete manual with all the new techniques,  information, exercises, and aroma energy tips and tricks to make the most out of Aromatherapy For Your Soul in Adobe PDF format.

The Magic Garden

The full length aroma energy meditation to discover your personal Magic Garden in high quality stereo MP3.

If you are thinking now, "Oh no ... but I wanted hard copy ..." consider this:

We provide NEW EDITIONS and UPGRADES to our electronic format books ENTIRELY FREE OF CHARGE - this is a set of manuals that will NEVER go out of date. This is of course completely impossible for hard copy.
You can receive this priceless information RIGHT NOW - and get started on having WONDERFUL aroma energy experience TODAY! The "hard copy" - book made from paper, CD made from plastic, comes in the postal mail - will not be available for 12 to 18 months.

SAVE money - but still get all the information, and get it right away.

  • SAVE on the actual price (the hardcopy will cost around 35 UK/$70 US),

  • SAVE on postage and packing (this will be a HEAVY manual with HIGH postage and packing costs!),

  • SAVE energy - electronic products are extremely environmentally friendly.

You can't lose these electronic files and download them as many times as  you like from your own PERSONAL DOWNLOAD LIBRARY at

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Electronic Information Is The Way To A Better World.

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