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Mimosa Essential Oil: "Light Angels"

Acacia Dealbata: Subtle, light, ethereal, comforting, very fine frequency, light angels, fairy energy, child within.


  • Mimosa works on extremely high and fine frequencies and brings healing, hope and restoration to fine and unfolding parts of the energy system. This is a very good essence for the child within; also for children and young babies to support their young, fragile spirits.

A beloved child, new born, lies weak and pale in its beautiful cot. The healers have been and gone, and now it is night and the parents are there, praying for the child to survive to the next dawn. They are exhausted and in the deepest part of the night, they fall asleep.

Unseen and unknown to them, through the open window come small sparks of finest light - fairies have come, and they find the child, dance about it, bring their special magic. When the parents awake with the rising sun, they find the child is awake, calm and he seems to be looking at something, curious and wide aware.

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