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Author of "Aromatherapy For Your Soul"


Dr Silvia Hartmann, Author of Aromatherapy For Your SoulSilvia Hartmann was born in Germany in 1959. She emigrated to the United Kingdom in 1978 where she devoted the next 15 years to studying animal behaviour, and communication between companion animals and their owners. Her research culminated in 1993 in the publication of "The Harmony Program", a revolutionary thesis on the effects of energy exchanges in the relationships between mammals on behaviour.

Silvia Hartmann moved her research to human behaviour, taking up the study of General Semantics, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and psychology, with a special interest in thought formation and metaphor as it relates to behaviour.

In 1996, she created "Project Sanctuary", a working research tool for complex intelligence and problem solving functions of the human mind.

In 1998, she began to research Energy Psychology, in particular EFT and TFT, and embarked on a five year research project which culminated in the creation of "EmoTrance", a new theoretical and practical system for working with human emotion through the energy system. She gained her PhD in Religion from the Universal Life Church in 1998.

For over 30 years, Dr Silvia Hartmann has been working, questioning and discovering at the furthest edge of human knowledge, defining and refining new models for human experience, creating new strategies, techniques and approaches to the oldest human problems. All her work has been extensively tested with many thousands of individual people around the world having benefited already from her unique, reality based approaches, and thoughtful, insightful and ingenious discoveries.

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Words that touch you.

Words that can heal you.

Words you can feel.


About Energy & Emotions


The Enchanted World by Dr Silvia HartmannThe Enchanted World

Have you ever wondered what it all means, what it is all about? Have you felt "like a stranger in a strange land"?

Are you ready to come home - to the one true Enchanted World?

Here is your guide book to a different place ...


Oceans Of Energy - EmoTranceOceans Of Energy

In this international bestselling book, Dr Hartmann explains the principles of working with energy and emotion in a whole new way - gentle, respectful and deeply healing and delightful.

EmoTrance is THE breakthrough in energy healing for the 21st century and you can learn all about it in this manual.


About Energy, Metaphor, Mind and Emotion:

Book on metaphor? This is the best book on metaphor ever written!Project Sanctuary

Do you dream? Do you think?

Do you want to learn something that is going to not just change your world forever, but that is going to be the greatest resource a human being can obtain?

Something that once you know it, no-one can ever take away again, and that will be with you, supporting you through all your life's ups and downs in ways you could possibly begin to imagine?

If you think that sounds fascinating - you are so right, and way beyond as well.

Dr Silvia Hartmann's Project Sanctuary - "The Most Amazing Book On Earth."


The Golden Horse & Other Fairy TalesThe Golden Horse

Fairy Tales For The Magical Child Within

What might our lives have been like if we had been told different stories when we were young?

There is still time to find out.

The Magical Child is alive and well within us all - and waiting to hear these stories.


The Soul PilotsThe Soul Pilots

Service Has Its Own Rewards ...

Is it story? Is it the truth? Is there a difference if you can feel the story in your heart, in your soul?

These are the most amazing, the most wonderful stories you have ever heard.

This book will enrich your life in the most remarkable way ...


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