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The Magic Garden Meditation

Wonderfully Healing & Refreshing:

INFINITE Fabulous Nature Energies For You!

The Magic Garden - Aromatherapy for your soul energy Meditation MP3

The Magic Garden

Fabulous Natural

Healing Energies -

Especially For YOU!

Walk in your own personal magic garden, and encounter a magical healing plant,

created by your own Higher Self, especially for you,

to give you the right frequencies of natural energies

to restore your balance, delight you and make you feel good.

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This unique Project Sanctuary based Nature Healing Meditation, created with love bySilvia Hartmann, gives us a wonderful opportunity -

to enter into a truly magical energy garden, vibrantly full of colour, full of life and full to the brim of DELICIOUS natural energies for which we may have yearned our entire life long.

We walk in this amazing garden, and there, we will find a unique plant - it may be a herb, a fruit, a tree, a magic flower, who is to know? - that is EXACTLY RIGHT for what you need right here, right now.

This is a fabulous guided meditation, delightful in all ways, and just the perfect experience to brighten tired energy systems, raise our spirits and delight our souls.


There is simply NOTHING more pure, more refreshing or

more delightful than Nature's Own Energies ...

  • Do you love nature?
  • Do you YEARN for colours, purity, fresh and delicious energies?
  • Could your energy system do with some fabulous vitamins?
  • Could all of you do with a real break, a real holiday to restore and recover?
  • If you look inside right now, do you have a hunger for NATURE?

If that sounds like you, then you will LOVE The Magic Garden.


One Magical Energy Filled Garden -

Infinite Remedies!

The best thing about this delightful guided meditation is that it engages the powers of YOUR OWN energy mind and YOUR OWN Higher Self (your soul?) to create the perfect garden, and show you the way to the PERFECT medicinal herb, plant or flower.

These are plants like you have NEVER seen before - they are energy creations of the perfect vibrations for your needs, at any time.

Every time you enter your magic garden, you might find a different plant for you to relate to, draw it's unique energy and beauty DEEPLY into your system!

With this one CD or MP3, you are buying a whole treasure trove of FANTASTIC healing remedies, and one that will NEVER run out, NEVER run dry, and is always there when YOU need it!

The Magic Garden Meditation is a deeply healing and reconciling experience,

full of wonderful energies, no complicated words,

just light, colours, tastes, scents and textures of nature - and of SUPERNATURE.

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The Magic Garden - Aromatherapy for your soul energy Meditation MP3


Special Bonus - A Waking Sanctuary

A special feature of The Magic Garden is that you can visit it at any time,

even outside the hypnotic induction, to draw on its restorative and healing powers.

Once you have experienced the journey two or three times,

you can "think yourself" into your Magic Garden by yourself and at any time you need to -

before going to sleep, when you are waiting somewhere, when you are feeling down or depleted,

or at any time you need an INSTANT BOOST of those gorgeous nature energies.

This is a garden that no-one can EVER take away from you again!

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An OUTSTANDING Personal Development & Self Healing Program

For All Who LOVE Nature:


The Magic Garden - Aromatherapy for your soul energy Meditation MP3



The Magic Garden

Find YOUR Magic Garden INSIDE.

Let YOUR Higher self create the PERFECT nature cure for you - FRESH every time, RIGHT every time!

Use this Guided Meditation as often as you want, like a never ending supply of PERFECT remedies, specially blended just for you -

FREE Forever!


Created With Love by Silvia Hartmann

to help YOU find YOUR magic inside.

Beautiful. Healing. Priceless.

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