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Aroma Energy & Creative Aromatherapy

When you engage with the energy of essential oils in a creative way, you will find literally hundreds of ways in which AromaEnergy can brighten your life, brighten your spirits and transform your environments.

From self healing to house clearing and from personal development to self empowerment, the essential oils are a magical tool set to make us happier!

When Silvia Hartmann really started to play, she found many wonderful things.

She shares her favourite discoveries in

Creative Aromatherapy by Silvia Hartmann

Creative Aromatherapy

The practical every day companion to

Aromatherapy For Your Soul


As an integral part of the

Aromatherapy For Your Soul Collection

Creative Aromatherapy For Your Soul

is a wonderful book packed full of bright ideas

to help YOU make the most

of your very own, precious essential oils.


An absolutely brilliant addition to

every Modern Energist's tool kit,

Creative Aromatherapy will bring you

love, healing, insights, laughter, magic -

and much more!

Β Learn. Discover. Enjoy!


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