Aromatherapy For Your Soul
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Aromatherapy For Your Soul

Aromatherapy For Your Soul by Silvia Hartmann

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121 Essential Oils and their Energy Healing Properties

Described In Unique Pictures & Stories to help you find the right aromatherapy essential oil for emotional and spiritual problems - and to lift you up to the next level!

Aromatherapy Essential Oils are much more than just chemical cocktails - they are resonant energy positives, full of life, and essential oils powerfully influence our energy system, the seat of our moods and emotions and it is this effect of aromatherapy with aroma energy which makes us love them so much!

The emotional, spiritual, energetic andย  healing effects of the oils are documented on this site in unique pictures and metaphor stories which explain how the essential oil affect us.ย 

Uplifting, healing, amazing and entirely enjoyable, this is real and quite practically Aromatherapy for your soul.

The Aromatherapy For Your Soul Collection Includes:

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ย  bitter orange black pepper carrot seed champaka dill essential oil eucalyptus linden blossom aromatherapy essential oil picture sweet marjoram oak moss essential oil picture ย  opoponax patchouli aniseed china star or star anise teatree ย  sweet thyme or white thyme

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