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The Complete AromaEnergy Collection:

Aromatherapy For Your Soul

Pure Aroma Energy For Love, Life - And Luxury!

Aromatherapy For Your Soul: A NEW Book by Silvia Hartmann

created by Silvia Hartmann

This wonderful book introduces 121 stunning Aromatherapy Essential Oils & explains their  purposes for our energetic, spiritual and emotional health in a totally different way.

Take your love of Aromatherapy to the next level and discover the wonderworld of Aroma Energy -

Aromatherapy For YOUR Soul.

Learn to use Essential Oils to fill your deepest desires, still ancient hungers and delight you, transform your daily life and bring you rich wisdom, luxury, protection and the most wonderful stimulation of all your systems.

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From Amyris To Zinziba

121 WONDERFUL Essential "Genies In A Bottle"

To Serve YOU, To Protect YOU, To Brighten YOUR Days.



  Feed YOUR energy system - Feed your SOUL! When your soul is happy, your life's a breeze - and that's a fact.


Change your mood in SECONDS - without side effects, reliably - and the more you do it, the BETTER it gets!

Find the EXACT right essential oils that will make all the difference TO YOU, using your OWN intuition.

Learn NEW and intriguing ways to make the most of your favourite essential oils.

  Engage your body, heart AND soul - with a little help from your personal helpful genies in a bottle ...


Tagetes or Marigold - one of the BEAUTIFUL illustrations from Aromatherapy For Your Soul

Aromatherapy For YOUR Soul

created for you by Silvia Hartmann

 Get a deeper, different understanding of Essential Oils;

  Find out about a brand NEW system especially designed for you to use the energy of essentials for self healing;

  Easily learn the names and vibrations of 121 different essentials using super advanced metaphor-mnemonics;

  Experience the POWER of Aroma Energy Work in your own body - a uniquely wonderful experience that puts a smile on your face and a tingle in your body!

  Discover many delightfully exciting NEW ways of using essentials in healing and for PURE pleasure.

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Aromatherapy For YOUR Soul

comes complete with:

121 BEAUTIFUL original illustrations, resonant with colour and energy;

  121 SPECIAL meta energy SuperMind stories to help you connect emotionally and energetically with your essentials;

  Powerful Metaphor Mnemonics so that your energy mind can flash up the right remedy for you;

  Clear and simple explanations on how each essential affects the energy system,

  Straightforward examples in clear, every day language of people who will benefit from using the essential and what its special gifts to us are.


Hartmann, creator of Project Sanctuary, EmoTrance & Author of Aromatherapy For Your Soul

From Silvia Hartmann, Creator of EmoTrance, Project Sanctuary and Author of "Aromatherapy For YOUR Soul":

Dear Friend,

this past year, there have been many changes in my life. But really, the most wonderful thing that has happened to me is the discovery of using essentials to make EVERY SINGLE DAY a holiday!

Not once, not twice - just as often as you want it to happen that you breathe a deep great big sigh of relief, feel all your tension drain away, and you're right there - in a beautiful garden where all these absolutely magical entities are waiting for you, have been put there to serve you, to heal you, to delight you - by the Creative Order itself!

This has been so marvellous and JOYOUS to me that I decided to drop all my other work and create this book as a tribute to my essential friends - who have helped me through thick and thin and brought me out smiling on the other side.

I wish from the bottom of my heart that you too will discover the JOY of working with the vibrant, wonderful energy of essentials in this way - childlike, yes, but that's where the true enchantment lies!

I've done what I knew how to do to make this REAL for you, for anyone who wants this.

Wishing you all the wonderment and beauty in the world,

Silvia Hartmann

PS: The combination of these three units - Aromatherapy For Your Soul, Creative Aromatherapy and The Magic Garden - is a "new introduction offer" at a very special price. Snap it up before it goes mainstream and they make me put up the price (and take down all those free web pages)!

PPS: Remember you don't have to own hundreds of essentials to start having SERIOUS fun with their energy - the ones you already have are the best starting point at any rate!

PPPS: And while we're on the topic of money - since I started playing with my essentials in this new way, and that's a year ago now, I have not purchased ONE single new box of headache pills! That's amazing - I used to have headaches all the time and thought that was normal. I sleep better, eat better and drink a whole lot less. And I have a much better attitude to everything. In hindsight, I think this has already saved me a small fortune!

Oh ok, one more ...

PPPPS: Really - just ENJOY the essentials. They are BRILLIANT. A real gift from the universe to refresh stressed out humans - and frankly I think that is priceless in this day and age.

Enjoy nature, ENJOY LIFE!


Aromatherapy For Your Soul is:


Aromatherapy For Your Soul: A NEW Book by Silvia Hartmann


A Picture Book for your eyes;

A Reference Book for your mind;

A Story Book for your emotions;

A Magic Book for your soul;


... And A WONDERFUL invitation

to feel, learn and play in the Oceans Of Energy.

This is a book you will treasure for years, and you will turn to, again and again.

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But wait!

There is EVEN more ...


You will also receive:

Creative Aromatherapy by Silvia Hartmann

Creative Aromatherapy With Aroma Energy -
The awesome real life companion
to Aromatherapy For Your Soul
that will show YOU how:
  • YOU can get the VERY BEST out of YOUR own essentials
  • With simple, easy and quick exercises that light up your energy awareness
  • Brilliant, innovative and ingenious ways to really use essentials in a whole NEW way.



Let Aromatherapy Essentials REALLY COME TO LIFE

And become a POWERFUL FORCE OF GOOD in your incarnation!

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Creative Aromatherapy With Aroma Energy

  Many innovative, easy step-by-step guides for using essentials to brighten your day;

  Full instructions how to develop your special senses to work directly with the energy of the essentials;

 Easy exercises you can do right away, even if you only have two or three essential oils in your home, and which will excite you, and delight you AND teach you amazing new skills!

  Suggestions and recipes for special occasions - learn to make love potions, prosperity potions, protection charms, aura repair wands, crystal broadcasters and much more.

  Lots of different ideas for you to try for yourself and share with your friends and your loved ones - even (or especially!) children can join in.


Creative Aromatherapy by Silvia Hartmann

Find out all about:

  • AcuAroma - POWERFUL changes for your energy body using the energy body's main arteries using a simple and easy system complete with charts & full "How To" instructions;

  • Aroma Energy Crystals - Ingenious ideas to combine the power of crystals & Essentials to create AMAZING generators for health, luck and love;

  • Aroma Energy Symbols - Let's get really magical - and even a little primal ...

  • Aroma Energy Parties - No, not the type where someone sells you essentials, but the essentials having a party - and you're the guest of honour!

  • Overcoming Aromaphobia - Yes, everyone is a little scared of the essentials. Find out about the three top obstacles that stop people in their tracks, learn to notice and overcome aromaphobia and gain a much, MUCH closer relationship with your very own "genies in the bottle".

  • Aroma Energy Sleep Rituals - How you can awaken your energy mind for better sleep, lucid dreaming and heightened psychic awareness;

  • Aroma Energy Charms - Find out how you can make AMAZING aroma energy charms for protection, luck, love and more - it's easy if you know how;

  • Aroma Meditations - Discover your own magic garden and learn to use this amazing place in space and time for learning more about the essentials, for stress release, deep spiritual healing and to gain MORE energy for life;

... and many other fabulous ways to enrich your life with the power of the essentials - at little cost and with AMAZING results.

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This is a book you will treasure for years, and you will turn to, again and again.

Just a minute ...

One more GREAT reason to buy

Aromatherapy For YOUR Soul - Today:


The WONDERFUL Magic Garden Meditation

The Magic Garden - Aromatherapy for your soul energy Meditation MP3

Walk in your own enchanted, magical garden full of vibrant plants, herbs and flowers to find YOUR perfect healing plant -

... with this BEAUTIFUL and powerful energy meditation, especially created by Dr Silvia Hartmann to help you feel, see and sense the amazing resonant energies of the plant kingdom, and to connect deeply  and powerfully with the essentials themselves.

A perfect quarter hour of deepest relaxation, wonderful lucid dreaming and absolutely amazing energy experiences you can access whenever YOU need a special magic plant from your very own magical garden.

  • Each time you take this amazing journey, you will find a NEW and different plant that will bring you EXACTLY what you need, right there and then - perfectly aligned, brought to you by your highest aspects, and totally unique FOR YOU.

Receive this priceless Aroma Energy Meditation FREE when you order

Aromatherapy For Your Soul

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