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Aroma Energy & Creative Aromatherapy

What is Aroma Energy? - Why "feed" the Soul? - Aromatherapy Pictures - Metaphor Mnemonics - Aroma Stories - Putting "energy" into Aromatherapy - Bedtime Stories For Kids - More Information about Energy

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 What is Aroma Energy?

Simply put, in aroma energy we are not looking at the physical properties of the essential oils to repair physical sickness, but instead, we are working with the energetic properties to heal, feed, restore and delight the human energy body, which of course includes our soul.

Hence the title: Aromatherapy For YOUR Soul


Why bother to "feed Your Soul"?

Do you know the saying, "When Momma's happy, the whole house is happy!"

  • Your Soul is THE most important "organ" of the energy body.

It is *incredibly powerful* - I can't even begin to explain here what a fully actualised soul DOES for a person.

It brings everything you ever dreamed of, all the love you ever hoped for, everything you ever wanted, and even things you didn't know you could dream of as well!

A shiny soul is the most amazing, the most precious thing on Earth.

It stands to reason that if we make "feeding Your Soul" a priority, just about everything else that troubles you gets resolved, one way or the other.

It is a very positive thing to be doing, priceless, in fact, and absolutely amazing.


Modern Energy Art - Rosa Mochata by Silvia Hartmann


Why don't the pictures look like real plants?

In Aroma Energy, we need to learn to look at the world, and the plants, and especially the essential oils we are using, WITH DIFFERENT EYES.

  • We are learning to "look" for the energetic properties and resonance of the thing, the true existence behind the physical, which is MUCH, MUCH MORE on every level imaginable.

The pictures in the book remind us all the time what we are looking at and looking for - a vast REALITY that we can learn to perceive, not just the reflections of light on the back of our physical eyes.

That's very important.

* The pictures were created with the principles of Modern Energy Art. This is art with 6 senses, instead of just 5. And it's MAGIC.

Find out more about Modern Energy Art.

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What's with the stories?!

"Normal" aromatherapy books talk about botanical details of the plants, sometimes they give details about the mechanical aspects of steam distillation and such; sometimes they go on about the chemicals inside the essential oils.


They don't work with chemical formulae or dry facts.

They work with much more complex information - such as the richness and depth of a story about a drowning sailor who sees the light above which guides him back to life, towards another breath.

In that one single "metaphor image" you get so much information, it is literally scary to scientists who are used to dealing with "reduced reality" in their laboratories and experiments.

Not only do I guarantee you that you will NEVER forget that story about the drowning sailor - because it is stored in the way that people are DESIGNED TO LEARN by the Creative Order itself! - but also, you can FEEL this story.

THAT is where the real knowledge, information and wisdom reside - when you understand something not just with the head, but with the head AND you feel it in your body, know it in your heart to be true.

As you can't work out the incredible complexity of energetic existences of something like an aromatherapy oil with your head (and never mind when you start mixing two or more together!!), the stories are there to engage ALL OF YOU so that ALL OF YOU can learn, and benefit.

  • If you are fascinated by the story aspects of Aromatherapy for Your Soul, learn more about Infinite Creativity & SuperMind by Silvia Hartmann


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 What's with the subtitles like "The Ocean Wave"?!

The subtitles are called metaphor mnemonics if you really want to know.

They work together with the stories to allow your energy mind (previously known as the unconscious or subconscious mind) to "flash up" a remedy in a moment of need, or when you are asking for something.

These short names make the bridge between the energy mind (which holds the whole story) and the thinking mind or conscious mind (which needs to be TOLD which one of the essentials is the right one! as it has NO WAY OF KNOWING THIS OR WORKING IT OUT by itself!!).

The short names can flash up as a picture, but they can also flash up as the words themselves for people who are orientated more towards "hearing things".

Finally, "The Ocean Wave" can also flash up as a body feeling - it is very recognizable.

That's how our energy mind gets to tell us clearly which remedy is required.


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Creative Aromatherapy isn't really "aromatherapy", is it?

Well, it is and it isn't. The word "therapy" denotes doing something therapeutic, something that's good for you, something that helps you with healing. The word originally comes from a Greek word for carer, or nurse.

It is true that aromatherapy, aka "healing or nursing with essential oils" is being taught and practised in a certain way at the present time; but that doesn't mean that this might not change dramatically as time goes by.

We don't use leeches that often any longer, and trapping bumblebees under glass jars so they sting the patient has also gone out of fashion in the treatment for heart disease.

In the meantime, working with aroma energy in a therapeutic fashion, be it in self help or to care for another, is certainly a valid form of aromatherapy, especially as it doesn't concern itself primarily with physical illness, but aims to treat emotional, psychological and spiritual imbalances, from which very many people suffer, and very few true helpful remedies exist at this present time.


Can I really learn to work with energy?

Take heart, dear friend!

It may all be terribly complicated, but so are we people.

  • We are all born with a brain that has more neurons in it than there are stars in the visible sky, and the connections between them are to all intents and purposes, INFINITE.

And that's just the BRAIN.

We have so much more than just a brain!

We have an energy mind, an energy body, a heart, a soul, an aura, we have chakras, we have SO MUCH going for us, each and every one of us, and no matter what your teachers made you believe at school as to how smart or whatever you are!

  • The truth is that we are DESIGNED to be able to handle natural complexity.

The Creative Order made us that way.

It's just that no-one ever thought to teach us when we were young.

But that's ok - we have all these systems and they're ready and waiting to be used.

As soon as you do, they start kicking into action - and YOU get to feel, see and DO things you never thought were possible!

And - its EASY!

  • I've taught thousands of people by now, old and young, from every single place on Earth, every race, every religion, every educational background imaginable, and they can all learn about energy - simply BECAUSE THEY ARE PEOPLE!

Just have a go. I've made it as easy as I know how to help you re-awaken those connections that make you be able to read energy, to work with energy, and TO GET IT RIGHT.

Relax. And just - enjoy and have fun.

The essentials are fun in a bottle. Thousands of plants, bursting with life. Just pure joy of existence, and that's why they are such a PERFECT help for beginners in the world of energy. They make it easy and amazing to bring those abilities back on line.

The exercises from "Creative Aromatherapy" are all easy and you don't even have to buy any new and expensive oils - just use what you've got, and you will be amazed at how much more you can do - and get!



Can I use Aromatherapy For Your Soul with my kids?

Oh most certainly! The stories and the pictures make for a truly wonderful bedtime story experience, especially if you add the essential to the event as well.

In fact and if you think about it, our soul is very much like a child - we call Your Soul "The angel child". Some people talk about the magical child within, but it's all the same really.

All people have this aspect of wonderment and wanting to learn and play and enjoy themselves, find marvellous things, enchanting things that open up the world to be amazing.

Very young people still *are* that aspect.

Aromatherapy For Your Soul is a perfect children's book, to be shared at any time, and you can talk about the pictures, the scents and the stories, too.

Oh and I nearly forgot - the exercises and games in "Creative Aromatherapy" are beautiful and children (especially magical children!) will absolutely love them; and the "Magic Garden" meditation is also safe to play to children of all ages.


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Where can I find out more about Modern Energy?

Check out the Modern Energy Foundation Online Video Course - the 1st Unit is free and gives a complete overview over Modern Energy in a nutshell.



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