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Find The Right Aromatherapy Remedy For Emotional and Spiritual Problems

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Do you suffer from "depression"? "Anxiety"? "Stress"?

What DOES that mean?

These kinds of labels are not specific enough to find the correct remedy. ANY essential oil will do SOMETHING for a depressed or anxious person interacting with them; we need to find a better match.

So what you will find is that there are a number of essential oils listed under "depression". What you then have to do is to look up the essential oil and read the description and especially, the STORY that relates to that essence.

  • When you feel "Yes, THAT'S IT!" because you recognise yourself or your troubles or your situation in the story, THEN you have found the right remedy.

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Notes On The Remedy Keywords

  • Child abuse survivors/sex abuse survivors: there are lots of symptoms relating to this and I have put the essential oils that are particularly relevant under the keyword "survivor".

  • Gerontophobia: Being afraid of growing old and dying is a HUGE problem group that underlies lots and lots of other things, be they called depression, anger, anxiety or hopelessness. It is incredibly important for people to retain a sense of LIFE regardless of age; if they lose this, they get into ever decreasing circles which then bring all manner of symptoms and problems in their wake. If you suspect that this fear of age, of suffering, of pain and dying in the future underlies your problems, go straight to the remedies marked with the keyword "gerontophobia".

  • Stuckness: This is a keyword you don't find in the dictionary and so people wouldn't think to search for it, but I'm sure you'll know right away what that means. Lots of people "get stuck" in their problems, in the past, in a love affair, in an obsession, in an addiction, in behaviour patterns, in their thoughts, in their mind, in their emotions. That "stuckness" is the problem, not the symptoms such as stress, feelings of helplessness, hopelessness or anxiety and depression that arise after the fact.

  • Body Dismorphia: That's a term which means not seeing your body the way it actually is and "thinking" it's a lot worse, ugly or somehow deformed. It's a term for a psychology illness but body dismorphia is RAMPANT in society today and causes all sorts of problems, not just with the body, but it creates divisions of energy flow all over the human systems. If you don't like the colour of your skin, hair, eyes, or you think your nose is the reason you'll never be happy, or that your breasts are too saggy to ever find love, you suffer from body dismorphia. Any kind of problem - stress, anxiety, depression again! - that comes from thinking your body is wrong or ugly somehow, go to the remedy list under body dismorphia.

  • Trauma: I have used this keyword to denote problems that have come about because of some kind of big shock to the system; recently or long ago, it matters not. These big, sudden shocks cause big injuries in the energy system and big changes that happen quickly follow as a result. Problems that have come about because of a rapid, big shock change, even though they might be "anxiety and depression" now, you need to look up under Trauma.

  • Eating Disorders: This is the keyword used for over- or under-eating, recognised eating disorders but actually also all things to do with eating and ingesting, taking in energy and nutrition from the environment in the correct way. So if you're just fat, for example, look up the remedy list for eating disorders to find something that will be perfect to support your diet.

  • Protection: This is a catch all for everything relating to how safe you feel and includes building inner strength to learn to protect yourself. The keyword is used very globally because a lot of stress, anxiety and depression rests on a sense of being vulnerable, unprotected, open to attack or unable to defend oneself. Also check out relative remedies under "defenceless".

Finding the right essential oils to match the needs of YOUR energy system exactly is a fascinating journey into self healing, self discovery and taking your own well being into your own hands on that level.

There is no-one in your doctor's practice or at your local hospital who can help you with your energy system, and very few people who are trained yet to do this professionally, so at this time, you'll have to learn to fend for yourself.

On the bright side, there is tremendous freedom, a level of excitement and a great deal of personal satisfaction in really trying to discover for yourself what helps YOU not just make it through the days, but also, to start waking up, regaining your power and having GOOD experiences that will help you be a happier, healthier and more successful person all around.

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Aromatherapy Remedy List

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abandonment - linden blossom, oakmoss, orange, rhododendron, roman chamomile, sandalwood mysore, yarrow,

addiction - benzoin, birch, elemi, myrtle, rose, tarragon; zinziba, pennyroyal, sage, clary sage

alienation - galbanum, orange blossom, osmanthus, patchhouli, peru balsam, rhododendron, rosewood, sage, spruce, sweet majoram; tagetes marigold; vetyver, virginian cedarwood, wintergreen,

anger - cumin, fennel, geranium, holy basil, lime, litsea, melissa, red thyme, roman chamomile, rosewood, spike lavender, valerian,

anxiety - australian sandalwood, bog myrtle, cade, champaka, galangal, german chamomile, hop, laurel, lavender, lemon verbena, vanilla,



bad attitude - cumin, geranium, patchhouli, perilla, red thyme, spruce, tagetes marigold; tarragon; violet, ylang ylang,

bereavement - frankincense, juniper, linden blossom, lotus, melissa, oak-moss, rhododendron, rosewood, sandalwood mysore, tansy

bitterness - melissa, neroli, orange-blossom, orange, rhododendron, roman chamomile, tagetes marigold; tumeric,

body dysmorphia - birch, hyacinth, valerian, gardenia



conflict - australian sandalwood, clove, hemp, opoponax, perilla, rose geranium, spike lavender, myrrh

compulsion - birch, bog myrtle, cade, carnation,

confusion - eucaplyptus, galangal, inula, labdanum, manuka, melissa, opoponax, parsley, vetyver, violet, lemon

cynicism - coriander, litsea, lime, honeysuckle, patchhouli, spruce, ylang ylang, pine



defenceless - lavender, clary sage, holy basil, hop, myrrh, ravensara, spike lavender, sweet majoram;

depression - amyris, angelica, bergamot, bitter orange, black pepper, cardamom, clary sage, coriander, dill, elemi, galbanum, geranium, grapefruit, lemon verbena, neroli, orange blossom, patchhouli, saffron, sandalwood mysore, yuzu,

desperation - basil, neroli, orange-blossom, petitgrain, rosewood, sandalwood mysore, tansy

disassociation - cassia, celery, ginger, myrrh, myrtle, orange, parsley, peru balsam, pine, tagetes marigold; tuberose; ylang ylang, yuzu,

disconnected - inula, melissa, myrrh, myrtle, orange, parsley, peppermint, perilla, rhododendron, roman chamomile, yarrow, yuzu,

displacement - cedarwood atlas, myrtle, parsley, petitgrain, roman chamomile, saffron, sage, vetyver, yuzu,



eating disorders - aniseed_china_star, basil, camphor, cinnamon, clary-sage, gardenia, helichrysum, hyacinth, orange, parsley, tuberose; tumeric, yuzu,

exhaustion - amyris, basil, bergamot, dill, eucaplyptus, parsley, rose geranium, zinziba,



family problems - clove, hemp, linden blossom, perilla, rhododendron, tumeric, virginian cedarwood, yarrow,

fear - lemon verbena, australian sandalwood, bay, cedarwood atlas, champaka, clary-sage, galangal, german chamomile, hop, lavender, linaloe, spike lavender,

female problems - jasmine, neroli, orange, rose musk, rosewood, sage, tansy, tuberose; clary sage, sage



gerontophobia - honeysuckle, hyssop, juniper, lime, mandarin, neroli, orange-blossom, orange, petitgrain, rosewood,

grief - amyris, frankincense, galbanum, grapefruit, juniper, lime, linden blossom, lotus, melissa, oak-moss, orange-blossom, orange, petitgrain, roman chamomile, rosewood, sandalwood mysore, vanilla,

guilt - ginger, lime, palmarosa, tuberose; valerian, pennyroyal



helplessness - bay, inula, manuka, myrrh, saffron, spike lavender,

heart sick - clove, gardenia, german chamomile, oak-moss, orange, patchhouli, petitgrain, roman chamomile, rosewood, spike lavender, tansy

hopelessness - bergamot, frangipani, galbanum, hyssop, labdanum, linaloe, myrrh, neroli, orange-blossom, petitgrain, rosemary, rosewood, tagetes marigold; vanilla,



imbalance - hemp, perilla, rose musk, tumeric,

indecision - carrot, chamomile maroc, galangal, german chamomile, inula, lemon, linaloe, manuka, opoponax, saffron, spikenard, violet,

inflexibility - cumin, hyssop, peppermint, rose, wintergreen,

insecurity - hop, parsley, saffron, spike lavender, sweet majoram; violet, yarrow,

introversion - damiana, roman chamomile, rosemary, sage,



loneliness - bay, benzoin, damiana, fennel, labdanum, neroli, nutmeg, orange-blossom, peru balsam, rhododendron, rosewood, virginian cedarwood,

lost faith - holy-basil, niaouli, oak-moss, petitgrain, roman chamomile, sage, tagetes marigold;

low achievement - hemp, lemon, niaouli, parsley, patchhouli, rose geranium, saffron, spike lavender, sweet majoram; tumeric, violet, wintergreen,

low self esteem - birch, camphor, carrot, cedarwood atlas, eucaplyptus, gardenia, hyacinth, orange-blossom, orange, spike lavender, sweet majoram; pennyroyal, tumeric, valerian, wintergreen, yuzu,



mind problems - cardamom, lemon, inula, grapefruit, opoponax, rosemary, saffron, spike lavender, sweet majoram; violet, zinziba,



negativity - black-pepper, cardamom, citronella, geranium, grapefruit, lemongrass, palmarosa, peppermint, petitgrain, rose geranium, saffron, spike lavender, sweet majoram; tagetes marigold; tarragon; zinziba,



overworked - bergamot, laurel, parsley, patchhouli, rose geranium, tuberose; tumeric, valerian,

overwhelmed - bitter-orange, carrot, chamomile maroc, laurel, lavender, manuka, rose geranium,



paranoia - bog myrtle, cade, opoponax, roman chamomile, pennyroyal, zinziba,

poverty consciousness - cajuput, champaka, fennel, hemp, patchhouli, tagetes marigold; tuberose; tumeric,

powerlessness - hemp, hop, labdanum, patchhouli, saffron, spike lavender, ylang ylang,

protection - black pepper, benzoin, bog myrtle, cade, citronella, holy basil, hop, zinziba,



recovery - basil, benzoin, bitter-orange, cajuput, camphor, celery, cinnamon, clary-sage, clove, cypress, dill, eucaplyptus, fir, frankincense, myrrh, tagetes marigold; zinziba,

rigidity - cumin, hyssop, peppermint, perilla, pine, rose, wintergreen,



sadness - angelica, frangipani, honeysuckle, mandarin, orange-blossom, orange, rosewood, sandalwood mysore, tagetes marigold; tansy

self identity problems - jasmine, niaouli, orange-blossom, rose musk, rosemary, vetyver, virginian cedarwood, yarrow, yuzu,

sex & sexual problems - aniseed_china_star, cassia, champaka, dill, elemi, ginger, helichrysum, hyacinth, linaloe, lotus, neroli, peru balsam, tuberose; ylang ylang,

shame - bitter orange, geranium, ginger, holy basil, lemongrass, lime, nutmeg, palmarosa, tuberose;

sick - cinnamon, cypress, fir, lemon-verbena, lotus, mandarin, myrrh, nutmeg, tansy, tea tree, pennyroyal

sleep disorders - angelica, fir, oakmoss, sage, clary sage, holy basil, valerian

spiritual problems - lotus, mimosa, melissa, myrrh, niaouli, rosemary, tagetes marigold; tuberose; yarrow,

stress - australian sandalwood, black pepper, cajuput, carnation, carrot, celery, champaka, german chamomile, laurel, lavender, lemon-verbena, sandalwood mysore, dill, parsley,

stuckness - cassia, coriander, coriander, hyssop, manuka, melissa, osmanthus, red-thyme, rose, saffron, spikenard, wintergreen,

survivor - amyris, aniseed_china_star, benzoin, camphor, champaka, cinnamon, clary sage, cypress, elemi, ginger, helichrysum, honeysuckle, jasmine, litsea, lotus, oakmoss, peru balsam, ravensara, roman chamomile, rose musk, rosewood, sage, spike lavender, tagetes marigold; tansy, tuberose; vanilla, vetyver, zinziba,



tiredness - angelica, bergamot, celery, chamomile maroc, elemi, hyssop, neroli, patchhouli, valerian, vanilla,

trauma - amyris, cajuput, honeysuckle, lime, lotus, nutmeg, rosewood, tansy



unforgiving - cypress, holy-basil, linden blossom, melissa, myrrh, perilla, rhododendron, rose, rosewood, valerian,

unloved - damiana, mandarin, nutmeg, oak-moss, orange-blossom, roman chamomile, rose musk, rosewood, sweet majoram; tagetes marigold; tumeric, yuzu,

unlucky - angelica, citronella, osmanthus,

unpopular - tagetes marigold, ylang ylang, bay, melissa, holy basil, litsea,



vulnerable - mandarin, lime, ravensara, rosewood, zinziba,



weakness - bay, carrot, cedarwood atlas, eucaplyptus, german chamomile, hop, jasmine, mandarin, labdanum, lavender, lemon-verbena, ravensara, spike lavender, sweet majoram; violet, wintergreen, ylang ylang, zinziba,

weariness - frangipani, nutmeg, orange, patchhouli, tagetes marigold; valerian, vanilla, tansy

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