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Australian Sandalwood: "Peace"

Santalum Spicatum: Friendly, inviting, uplifting, positive, all layers aligned, peace.


Aromatherapy Essential Oil Australian Sandalwood, "Peace", Santalum Spicatum

  • Australian Sandalwood is the perfect essence for those who desire true peace above all - a cessation of war, a state of being where everyone does their thing and can be single minded in doing so because there are no conflicts left and you don't have to constantly look over your shoulder and worry for your life. This is a very beautiful, very meditative essence that is profoundly healing and stimulates compassion, love and brotherhood across the systems.

Aromatherapy Story Start

There are places in the world where winds are born; like little river springs, there are small drafts at first, and they too flow down into the valleys, gathering others towards them, and becoming great rushing rivers, storms and trade winds that encircle all the worlds.

One day, a man who didn't know any better build a house just where a wind was being born, and in doing so, disturbed and disrupted the flow of winds all over the world. In one place this led to a sharp northern wind blowing without ever letting up across a valley, where up until then, three brothers and their families had lived in great harmony and joy. The sharp winds blew on their heads each and every day, and it drove them crazy - they started to fight amongst each other, and getting crazier with every day the wind was howling through their valley.

A magician tried to figure out what had gone wrong, and he went on a long journey, into the sharp wind, and eventually found the house that man had build on the other side of the world, and which had caused all this trouble. The magician gave the man a payment made in part of knowledge and in part of gold; the man moved his house to a different place; and soon, the sharp winds had stopped and peace reigned once more beautifully in the valley.



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