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Cedarwood Atlas: "Cathedral Forests"

Cedrus Atlantica: Majestic, soaring, balancing, great strength and beauty aligned, powerful.


Aromatherapy Essential Oil Cedarwood Atlas, "Cathedral Forests", Cedrus Atlantica

  • Cedarwood Atlas is for people who need to be swept off their feet and taken straight to a place of power and of beauty, where both become one and the same, and that is holy.

Aromatherapy Story Start

A young prince, whilst hunting, meets a young girl in the forest. She is the most wonderful, beautiful and innocent woman he has ever known and he falls in love with her in an instant, vows to make her his queen so he should always be advised of beauty and truth for his people.

He takes her to his castle and preparations for the wedding are made; all the complex rituals of court, dress and fashion are thrown upon the girl. Because of her love for the prince, she tries to cope with it all but as they walk into the huge cathedral, stuffed full of all the dignitaries of the land and fanfares start to blare, she freezes and starts to cry. The prince takes one look, sweeps her up in his arms and carries her away, back to the forest where first they met.

Beneath the ancient columns of the trees, in the silence of the forest, he puts her down and says, "We shall speak our wedding vows in the holiest place of them all."


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