This is a page from Aromatherapy For Your Soul by Dr Silvia Hartmann

Celery: "Down To Earth"

Apium Graveolens: Infiltrating, invigorating, refreshing, compelling, bringing back and down, herbal, homely, returning to the center of peace.


Aromatherapy Essential Oil Celery, "Down To Earth", Apium Graveolens

  • Celery is excellent for people who need something to bring them back down to Earth, but not in a negative way; in the contrary, landing back in actual reality is often far, far better than living in an illusion of all manner of fears.

Aromatherapy Story Start

The lady of the house is all in a tizzy - running here and there like a headless chicken, worrying and fretting about all manner of things as some relatives are about to arrive at her house.

"Oh! What will they think! What will they say! Will they like the cake, should I make some more, something better! Oh dear oh dear oh dear!"

An older aunt who was the first to arrive, tells her to come out and sit in the garden for a moment. The woman is too flustered; but the Aunt insists, kindly but not leaving any room for doubt.

When the visitors finally arrive, they find the young lady sitting in her herb garden, radiant and serene, and they can't help but think how beautiful she is.


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