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Frangipani: "The Silver Lining"

Plumeria Rubra: Warmly inviting, positive, strong, sunshine, angelic, fresh, brightening, lightening, hope, positive expectations.


Aromatherapy Essential Oil Frangipani, "The Silver Lining", Plumeria Rubra

  • Frangipani is excellent for people who are feeling down, sad, defeated and creates a movement to look up and out, remember that the sun always shines, whether we can see it, or not.


Aromatherapy Story Start

A young soldier awakens on a battlefield. He is confused and in great pain and it takes him a while to realise that it is already some days after the battle has finished, and all that's left are the dead which surround him.

He is cold, heartbroken at the loss of his friends and the loss of the war and is about to let himself sink into the earth and accept his final defeat when a flash catches his weary eye - the sun has broken through the clouds and bright white rays fall on the valley.

In an instant, he understands that he is still alive and that is all that matters for now. He gathers his strength and begins his long journey that will eventually, take him home.


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