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German Chamomile: "True Blue"

Matricaria Recutita: Commanding, instant call to action, uncompromising, no doubt, steadfast, long lasting, courage & trust.


Aromatherapy Essential Oil German Chamomile, "True Blue", Matricaria Recutita

  • German Chamomile builds a strong heart; for those who have lost their way, have lost faith or hope, or had their heart broken. Provides a clear and powerful vision for the future, an uncompromising call to action and the energy and will to succeed.

Aromatherapy Story Start

A general on the morning of the decisive battle steps up to a hill, overlooking his troops. He is full of doubt and sadness about the loss of life to come for those under his command; he wishes he wasn't there, he feels this is one fight too many and wants to turn away. But then his best and oldest friend comes to join him. He says nothing at all, just stands there; his loyalty and love radiate from him and they melt away the fear and sadness.

The battle will be fought, and it will be won.


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