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Hop: "Tall & Strong"

Humulus Lupulus: Commanding, stern, masculine, challenging, strengthening, re-assuring, supporting, guidance, defence & security.


Aromatherapy Essential Oil Hop, "Tall & Strong", Humulus Lupulus

  • Hop is for people in need of accessing male energies which are available to all humans by design. A good remedy for those who feel helpless and scared or in constant need of being rescued by someone from the outside. For times in your life when you feel you need to stand up and be tall and strong.

Aromatherapy Story Start

There once was a young lady who was always feeble and frail; super sensitive to every little hush of wind or drop of rain; constantly fainting because it was all too much on every level, or so she thought.

One day, she had taken a journey on a coach to visit her long suffering physician. On the coach were also a number of young orphaned children who were to be delivered to a nunnery in the big town where the young lady was headed. Halfway on the journey, the coachman had a heart attack and died, leaving his hapless occupants all alone in the middle of a scary forest.

No-one was around to come to their rescue; and the young woman was about to go into her usual fainting fit when she found herself surrounded by the orphans, who were no higher than her waist; one tugged on her skirts and asked, "Are we all going to die now?"

And that day, the following night and the next day, the young woman learned a lot about herself, about her strength and her capacity to not just save herself, but others, too.


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