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Hyssopus Officinalis: Bright, fine, young, aristocratic, freedom, leads out of traps and cul-de-sacs, uplifting, gives you wings, see the bigger picture.


Aromatherapy Essential Oil Hyssop,"Wings", Hyssopus Officinalis

  • Hyssop is very good for people who feel stuck in their lives and yearn for more freedom - freedom of self expression but also very practically, freedom of movement in the body as well as in its deepest metaphorical sense. Thus Hyssop is also helpful for goal setting, planning, and to discover strategies that get you from where you are to where you want to be.

Aromatherapy Story Start

The coach of a high-born lady has got stuck in the mud, far from home. At first, only the servants were pushing; now, night is falling and even the high-born lady is struggling with the others in the mud, slipping and falling down, getting plastered in mud from head to toe, looking just the same as everyone else now.

A passing traveller of exotic origin pauses on a rise of the road and views the scene with much amusement for a while. Eventually, he rides down towards the weary, muddy strugglers and points a finger - a wave of invisible light travels towards them, enters into them, clears out their muddy thoughts and weary struggle of the day in an instance: they have an idea what to do! With renewed vigour, they set to work, and soon, the coach is freed, and finally, they're on their way.


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