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Inula: "Mind Flight"

Inula Graveolens: Compelling, 3rd eye opening, widening, unlocking, works on the many levels of the mind, thinking, visionary, mind flight.


Aromatherapy Essential Oil Amyris - Amyris Balsamifera

  • Inula helps people to develop or restore mental faculties; will aid meditation, focused prayer, deep thought, creativity and lucid dreaming. Helps unlock psychic abilities.

Aromatherapy Story Start

There once was a young monk who was very devout and worked ever so hard at being holy. There wasn't a second in the day he wouldn't fill with reading about the saints, asking questions to his teachers, debating the finer points of theosophy with fellow monks, writing meaningful poems, singing holy songs and praying to every angel, every saint his religion had to offer.

One of his teachers watched him and recognised a younger self; he ordered the young monk to sit in the garden and talk to no-one for a week.

The young monk grudgingly obeyed; he played games in his head from dawn to dusk and nearly went mad with hopping impatience. But after three days had passed, slowly the garden began to work its magic; and on the morning of the fourth day, as the sun rose, a threshold was finally breached - the young monk fell silent in the beauty of it all, and simply adored everything, and when at last he gave a simple "Thank You" to his creator, for the first time he had the feeling there was really someone there, he had been heard at last.


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