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Labdanum: "The Mother"

Cistus Ladaniferus: Motherly, adult, good advice, wisdom, strength, clarity, endurance, love giving, world building.


Aromatherapy Essential Oil Labdanum, "The Mother", Cistus Ladaniferus

  • Labdanum is advised for people who need to awaken the strong and powerfully enduring side of their feminine energies; to have enough strength so there is plenty to give to others, having the power to hold a household together and long term endurance. Very good against stress and fear, and to resolve the causes for feeling helpless and weak.

Aromatherapy Story Start

On a far away ocean, a ship sails into the bay of an undiscovered island that is not charted on any map. So everyone on board is very surprised to see signs of habitation on the island. They row a boat ashore to find that there are many people, and children too; all are happy and friendly, delighted to meet the visitors, and they even speak the same language.

The captain of the ship learns that these are survivors from a ship wreck many years ago; they had made their home there and were more than content with their lives.

The captain asked to see their leader; he is taken to a beautifully well build wooden cathedral in the forest by a spring, surrounded by the most beautiful trees and flowers, and there he meets the leader, the one who had brought all this together and achieved all this for everyone - a woman known by all as mother.


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