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Manuka: "Complex Unfoldments"

Leptospermum Scoparium: Gently cleansing, getting ready for something new, preparation for a ritual or a journey, the first step towards a new goal.


Aromatherapy Essential Oil Manuka, "Complex Unfoldments", Leptospermum Scoparium

  • Manuka is useful of specific tasks and aims that, in order to be undertaken, need a certain level of preparation and planning beforehand. It comes from a place of great complexity itself, so it helps to handle multiple simultaneous events with ease. Good for sorting out complicated people situations and systems that might have become overly convoluted.

Aromatherapy Story Start

On his 18th birthday, the prince inherited the kingdom.

Until this day, he had not taken any interest in what was going on, or what was needed to keep everything running. To his horror, he found mismanagement everywhere; corruption, crazy systems, advisers who clearly didn't know what they were doing and after his first day, totally overwhelmed with the enormity of the task, he sat down in the garden, in the privacy of the center of a maze and sighed. He sighed deeply and on his in breath, he breathed in the scent of night flowers. And there, something happened in his mind; he saw all the problems like threads in a tapestry unravelling at first, then re-assembling to make a newer, better, bigger picture.


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