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Parsley: "Thriving"

Petroselinum Sativum: Fresh, healthy, survivor, thriving in challenging conditions, being present, remaining true to yourself.


Aromatherapy Essential Oil Parsley, "Thriving", Petroselinum Sativum

  • Parsley is good for people who are constantly dissatisfied with how things really are and "wish it was all different ... then I could be happy ..." Good against time displacements of living in the past or future rather than the now. Not just surviving, but thriving, regardless of what life throws at you.

Aromatherapy Story Start

There once was a terrible war of destruction, which left everything in absolute ruin - not a house was left intact, not a road you could even tell where it might have been for all the rubble strewn about, not a tree left standing. No-one lived there any longer, so it was with amazement that a soldier on patrol saw a small girl child playing with a piece of brightly coloured fabric amidst the ruins. She looked well fed, well cared for and very happy. He called to her and she skipped over happily, said that she lived with her mother and sisters just over there.

The soldier followed the little girl through the ruins to some stairs, and down the stairs, and into a cellar where many candles were burning, and a fine fire in the hearth; there was food boiling in a pot which smelled delicious and carpets had been put on the stone floor. There was the mother of the family who had organised it all, and the sisters looking well content. The soldier was amazed; he was invited to share the dinner freely and in time, became a great help to this family of survivors.


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