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Pennyroyal: "Spirit Cleansing"

Mentha Pulegium: Irresistibly compelling, spiritual disinfectant, medicinal, tonic, protector from disease frequencies, washes away diseased energies and thoughts


Pennyroyal Aromatherapy Essential Oil

  • Pennyroyal restores cleanliness, order, health and insists that everything must be in its rightful place and working as it should. Pennyroyal is good for people who want to remove disease thoughts, disease fields from their energy system; also to drive away fear of disease and to protect oneself whilst visiting sick people, hospitals,  hospices or other places where disease congregates.

Aromatherapy Story Start

The Pennyroyal Story: Spirit Cleansing

Once there was a wise traveller who came across a waterfall deep in the forest, and there, he saw a man standing under the waterfall, scrubbing and scrubbing frantically at his skin, even though it was nearly red raw already.

The traveller called out to the man, "What are you doing?"

The man explained that he had been in a terrible place where terrible things had happened to him, and he was trying to wash all that away so he could be clean and at peace again.

The traveller told the man that water cannot accomplish this alone but offered him a new suggestion.

"There is a magical plant that grows right there, on the banks of the river. You scrub yourself with that, and you will find your spirit will begin to shine again, and you'll get clean beyond your skin."


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