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Perilla: "The Arbitrator"

Perilla Frutescens: Bright, lively, spicy, tasty, inviting to try new things, cheerful, thoughtful, grown up, safe.


Aromatherapy Essential Oil Perilla, "The Arbitrator", Perilla Frutescens

  • Perilla is good for people who have a lot of trouble with dichotomies - old vs young, fat vs thin, good vs evil and so forth. It is extremely complex, rich and deep whilst at the same time retaining lightness, freshness and curiosity; this stimulates looking at old conflicts with new eyes and coming up with creative, exciting solutions.

Aromatherapy Story Start

There once were two towns that were always at odds with each other. Every year, they would meet up and spend three whole days complaining to and about each other, which would create enough ill feeling once again to last for a whole year, until they would meet up again.

One day, a young queen passed by as they were preparing for their annual three day argument. She heard about this, thought about it and then made a royal decree - for the three days, music could be played and songs sung, but no-one was allowed to speak. For two days, the people from the two separate towns tried to annoy each other with songs and music, but on the third day they gave up and just sang and danced together.


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