This is a page from Aromatherapy For Your Soul by Dr Silvia Hartmann

Pine: "Wisdom"

Pinus Sylvestris: Strong, resonant, lifting, upraising, deep strength, acceptance, wisdom.


Aromatherapy Essential Oil Pine, "Wisdom", Pinus Sylvestris

  • Pine is a good remedy for people who feel Peter Pan like, as though they never properly grew up or stepped into their full powers as an adult to create your own reality, your own kingdom around you. It is also perfect for people who have acquiring more and more book learning confused with real knowledge or wisdom.

Aromatherapy Story Start

There once was a man who knew everything, but had done nothing. As such, he felt safe and extremely powerful. He was always giving good advice to everyone, whether they wanted to hear it or not; and his theoretical knowing of all things at all times was veritably frightening.

One day he was in his home, and a winter storm blew the front door from its rusty hinges. It got very cold and the fire in the hearth became extinguished. The man examined the hinges and was well pleased to have discovered what had happened and to know exactly where things had gone wrong. He also knew how to collect iron ore, how to smelt it and how to fashion new hinges for the door.

He further knew all about woodwork and the effects of prolonged exposure to the cold, and so many people were quite surprised to find him, stiff as a board, frozen to death, right there, in the middle of his house, a few days later.


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