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Rose Geranium: "The Joy Of Work"

Pelargonium Rosa: Instantly compelling to attention, wake up call, lively, practical, positive, joy of action and work.


Aromatherapy Essential Oil Rose Geranium, "The Joy Of Work", Pelargonium Rosa

  • Rose Geranium is perfect for people who feel burdened down by too much work, too much hard work, or find themselves in a position where there seems never-ending work without break, pause or even reward. It causes a sideways shift that heals the “work VS play” divide and allows a person to act in a third way, that is better than either.

Aromatherapy Story Start

A young boy has been told to wash up the dishes for the family. He is complaining bitterly because he would much rather be outside, playing with his friends. But there is nothing to be done, so sighing loudly and dramatically and muttering under his breath how unfair it all is, he starts to fill the sink with water and suds.

A shaft of sunlight comes through the kitchen window - and the water is transformed to liquid light, the bubbles are all beautiful spheres with many rainbows, dancing.

The boy is fascinated and begins his work, and not much later, he can be heard singing as one shiny clean plate after the next joins the others on the drying rack.


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