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Saffron: “Acceleration”

Crocus Sativus: Sharp, quick, quick witted, instant decisions, trusting your gut instincts, fast, decisive action.


Aromatherapy Essential Oil Saffron, “Acceleration”, Crocus Sativus

  • Saffron by itself is a good essence for people who feel sluggish and slow; to help add some acceleration to get something moving forward again; get the energy system, thoughts and thinking to speed up, and likewise, the resulting action to be dither-free and precise. Carries a strong forward momentum, and in potions, helps to catalyse and activate instant shifts and movements.

Aromatherapy Story Start

A husband and wife have been running a little shop in their town for many, many years. And over the years, trade has become eroded; now, the shop is dim, dusty, and rarely sees any customers at all any longer as their old customers are dying out, one by one. The couple is worried about their future and how to pay the bills in their dotage; what they have stored up is rapidly eaten away as it isn't being replaced. One day, a stranger comes to their store. He looks around and says, "This is like a time warp! You need to wake up, go outside, see what's going on and start thinking afresh of what the customers today are wanting and expecting!"

The man and woman look at each other and they know he's right; the very next day, they close the shop and go outside to look at what successful shopkeepers are doing in their town. They get many new ideas and when they get home, set right to work to make a better future for themselves.


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