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Sandalwood: "The Sands Of Time"

Santalum Album: Subtle, insistent, backward and up movement, timeless, wisdom, the oldest and the newest at the same time, acts on the astral system.


Aromatherapy Essential Oil Sandalwood, "The Sands Of Time", Santalum Album

  • Although Sandalwood can be used as a wonderfully calming influence on those in distress, grief and bereavement, its true value is for those who are already calm and seek to expand their knowledge and experience of the higher levels through stimulating the astral system and creating a connection for the conscious mind to travel there. Furthers psychic skills including precognition.

Aromatherapy Story Start

A great king once build a great city in the desert that he claimed would stand for hundred thousand years. Armies of slaves dug canals and build walls to keep the desert out and by their endless labour produced a garden city for a short time. But as soon as the king had died, no-one wanted to live there; the people moved out and the desert moved in.

Within a single generation, the sands had covered everything, and not a single soul would eventually remember the king, or his name.


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