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Sweet Marjoram: "The Upward Spiral"

Origana Majorana: Gentle, inviting, thought provoking, cleansing, getting a second opinion, asking the right questions, leading out of confusion, positive attitude and forward momentum.


Aromatherapy Essential Oil Sweet Marjoram, "The Upward Spiral", Origana Majorana

  • Sweet Marjoram is a subtle and gentle aid for people who are in a crisis and thinking all the wrong thoughts, making all the wrong judgements and decisions from a place of fear and confusion. This is an excellent remedy for children or adults who are being bullied or undermined by others; it is also an excellent remedy for people who have a tendency to be their own worst enemy and constantly undermine themselves.

Aromatherapy Story Start

A young boy runs down a spiral staircase from a high tower where lessons had taken place. The child sings, "I'm stupid, I'm useless, I'm worthless, I'm ugly, I'm bad," over and over as he skips down the stairs.

A passing traveller hears this echoing out of the doors of the tower and is appalled. As the child comes running out of the door, the traveller catches him by the collar and gives him a good shake before putting it back on its feet.

He tells the child in no uncertain terms that he was made by God himself, and God doesn't make ugly stupid things.

He gives the child another song to sing, "I'm clever, I'm strong, I'm loved, I'm good!" and sends him back up the spiral staircase to practise his new song.


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