This is a page from Aromatherapy For Your Soul by Dr Silvia Hartmann

Violet Leaf: "Attention"

Viola Odorata: Insistent, compelling, concentration, attention, physical prowess, strength, certainty.


Aromatherapy Essential Oil Violet Leaf, "Attention", Viola Odorata

  • Violet Leaf is good for cutting through confusion, regaining the ability to focus and to pay attention, thriving even when the environment seems harsh, finding fresh energy to do what must be done.

Aromatherapy Story Start

An old woman is out in the winter woods, finding wood for her fire. She feels weak and very cold, curses and mutters under her breath about an infinity of little nagging aches and pains as she makes her way through the snowy woods, picking up little branches here and there. It is midwinter, but as she bends again for yet another little branch she sees a group of small, wild flowers, darkest green against the white of snow, and one of them carries a tiny blue flower!

The old lady stops her muttering, she picks the tiny flower with great care, places her briefly to her lips before putting it safely in her pocket.


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