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Self Energy Healing with the Pure Nature Power of Essential Oils

Aromatherapy Like Crystal Healing:

Self Energy Healing with the Pure Nature Power of Essential Oils

by Silvia Hartmann

When you work with the energy of aromatherapy essential oils instead of their physical properties, you can leave the bottle closed and just hold it in your hand - and you have a very, VERY powerful energy generator with wide reaching, radiant energy emissions that you can use exactly like a crystal in crystal healing.

Only, essential oils aren't quite so - radical, and for energy systems that are tired, unstable, and worn out, might offer a gentler, more supportive ORGANIC energy input that also has many bandwidths within it, energy nutrition of the highest order in other words.

When I introduce essential oils as an energy device to energy healers, I usually say this.

Imagine there is this person standing in front of you, with their energy field and their aura and everything.

Pick up an orange and hold it into their energy field.

If you could see it, you could see this orange interacts with the energy field, causes little vortices and swirls, parts of it being absorbed, and you might see this orange energy flow through some of the channels and meridians and so forth.

Now (and here, I pick up an aromatherapy essential oil bottle and hold it up for all to see) imagine that instead of a single orange, you are bringing the essence of a THOUSAND oranges into someone's energy field!

Is THAT going to have an effect?

You bet it does ...!

Now, in EmoTrance pure energy healing, we say that energy forms need to enter the body somewhere, flow through the energy body, and there, just like with digestion in the physical body, the nutrients are being removed that the energy body needs, and then what's left needs to leave the energy body in natural pathway that "flows in, through, and out".

We say that if that works perfectly smoothly, it is The Even Flow - the energy system working as it was designed by the Creative Order.

When something hurts in the energy body (and that is expressed by emotional pain such as sadness, pressure in the heart or throat, a sinking feeling in the stomach, shivering down the back associated with fear and so forth), the Even Flow is disrupted - there is a blockage or a disturbance in the system and the energy doesn't flow smoothly in, through and out any longer.

In EmoTrance, we apply energy healing - from the practitioner AND the owner of the disturbances! - to "soften and flow" and restore that smooth flowing in, through, and out.

In Crystal Healing, a crystal is used to broadcast a certain energy form. This energy form enters into the energy body, and there, it runs up against the existing blockages and disturbances, eventually dissolving them and restoring the Even Flow.

  • In healing with Aroma Energy, we use a closed bottle of Essential Oils to achieve exactly the same outcome - but with additional benefits of added energy nutrition, and the deep support from the green kingdom, which is the source of life for all living things and resonates very closely to our own systems which are made from the same stuff, and in the same way.

Here is a simple exercise to try this for yourself.


Self Healing With Energy
& Aromatherapy Essential Oils

1. If you had a problem in your energy body that you would like to heal today, where would it be? Show me with your hands.

* Show me with your hands is REALLY important, to turn this form of energy healing from something that is "just in the mind" to a physical, felt, absolute REALITY OF HEALING.

2. Breathe deeply and relax. Stand before your aromatherapy cupboard and ask, "Which of these essential oils is the perfect one to heal this today?" One will draw your attention.

3. Pick it up, hold it in your hand and let the energy flow into your hand and up your arm. Think of this object now just as you would think of a crystal in crystal healing - it is not a bottle, there is no oil, but the whole object (artefact!) has become a healing device.

4. Now take the closed bottle and move it towards that place in your energy body (what the hands showed us where it is earlier) that is seeking the healing today. Pay close attention as the energy from the aromatherapy energy healing device begins to radiate INTO this erea of disturbance.

* Erea is a term from EMO that is a short cut for "energetic reality" - meaning that there is something there, it is made from energy, and it is REAL. Beyond that, we don't speculate as we don't know enough about the energy system to say whether something is this, or that.

5. Make gentle, spiral movements with your hand holding the essential oil over and around that erea, encouraging it to heal, encouraging it to take in this healing energy from the essential oil. Breathe deeply.

6. Find the pathway from that erea and follow the energy flow with your attention as it finds its natural channels and a way through and out your energy body.

  • IMPORTANT: Don't push or pull with willpower - you FOLLOW where the energy needs and wants to go and encourage it, using the essential oil bottle to smooth the path through the channels as it goes along.

7. When the energy has found the pathways in, through and out, return to the original erea and let more of the healing energy from the essential oil enter there. You are now looking to make sure the flow in, through and out, becomes very smooth and fast.

8. When you can feel yourself starting to tingle, and the energy flow becomes really exciting, a feeling like a rush, you know you are done because you have reached the energized end state and the Even Flow in that erea has been restored.

A Note: Keep your energy work light. Don't bog down into clenched teeth, furrowed brows and trying to push energy with your mind. That closes all the systems. Breathe deeply, stand easily and just let the essential oil energies and your own energy body do all the work. All you have to do is to hold your focus of attention on healing, and re-establishing the Even Flow - the way your energy system was always designed to function in the first place.

A final suggestion: If you have no special injury to work with, you can simply try tracing your main body meridians with an aromatherapy essential oil bottle that has become "the healing crystal" on this occasion. If you come across ereas of disturbance, or blockages, use the energy from the essential oil to "soften and flow" the blockage away.

Try different essential oils and notice how they affect you and your energy system in different ways - this is a great tool for learning about our energy system, as well as a really innovative and PLEASANT form of self healing with energy and aromatherapy essential oils.

Aromatherapy Like Crystal Healing

© S Hartmann 2009, Author of Aromatherapy For Your Soul

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