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Bitter Orange Essential Oil: "The Tonic"

Citrus Aurantium aur.: Tonic, awakening, no nonsense, practical support, cleansing, drives away cooties of all kinds.

Bitter Orange

  • When people feel low and their defences are down, it is not just colds we attract - there are all kinds of astral cooties that begin to nest in the energy system and thrive there. As Vitamin C is to colds, Bitter Orange is to the energy system - cleansing and stimulates our natural defences.

There once was a farm belonging to a brother and a sister which was run down and it had become a haven for all manner of parasites.

There were ants in the wooden walls, mice and rats had a field day in the barn; the farm cat and dog were too busy snapping at their own fleas to do their job properly; there were cockroaches in the kitchen and the workers were lazy layabouts who ate a lot, but did no work at all.

One day, an old strident maiden aunt came for a visit.

She was disgusted! She banged her cane on the floor and wouldn't broke an argument - soon, the parasite workers were chased down the street and new ones were hired; rubbish was piled high and burned; the animals scrubbed and soap bubbles were spilling from the house into the yard; and only a week or two later, you wouldn't have recognised that farm. It had become a pleasure and an asset to everyone involved.

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