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Amber Essential Oil -> Amber Magic Potion

Amber Essential Oil -> Amber Magic Potion

There is a lot of controversy around amber “essential oil” because amber doesn’t work like a nice green herb, or a flower freshly picked from the field.

Millions of years old, or sometimes as young as 200 years (copal amber), Amber is already a resin before we start.

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Amber readily dissolves in ether, alcohol and commercial solvents; it is then ready to be mixed with other things to become some form of amber liquid.

However, Amber doesn’t smell very much, especially not to folk whose noses are used to the onslaught of White Birch, Red Thyme or Wintergreen!

So what happens is that essential oils are added to the mix; some add Sandalwood, some Frankincese, I’ve heard of Vervain being used, and Vanilla seems to be another favourite.

Before you go and dismiss Amber “essential” oil, I would ask you to stop and consider the energetic qualities of amber.

Amber is a very powerful, a very magical substance with absolutely unique vibrations of comfort, support, and drawing away negativity. It is organic yet often incredibly old and hasn’t turned to stone or changed its nature in any way; that alone makes it quite unique, as far as substances are concerned.

In working with aromaenergy and the energetic influences of aromatherapy oils, amber has much to offer, be it in straight EmoTrance/energy work, magic spells and potions, or simply in a comforting, anti-evil massage.

Before you shell out for “Amber Essential Oil” I would advise however to severely question the supplier to elicit what exactly is in their “Amber potion”, because that’s probably closer to the mark.

It doesn’t matter much if they’ve added a dozen essential oils to make it smell “nicer” or if the carrier oil is sunflower or starflower; as long as the supplier can answer your question honestly, and there actually is SOME dissolved amber resin in the potion, you should have some fun with the amber potion and gain good benefits for mind, body and spirit from your amber oil.

Silvia Hartmann


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