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Aromatherapy 4 Brain Balancing

Aromatherapy 4 Brain Balancing

Brain balancing is held to be extremely important for full cognitive functioning, and also for physical and mental health, and most importantly, to balance the energy system.

Here is a simple and really interesting way to "blow your mind" with aromatherapy essential oils and achieve real brain re-balancing.

Aromatherapy for brain balancing is a really interesting subject, and something that can be practically extremely helpful, for example to relieve stress instantly, and to break out of thought loops you got stuck in. But there is even more to it than that.

You might have heard that we have preferred halves of our brains who do more work than the other half.

This can’t be a good thing; and for example you can test that out for yourself with your eyes and with your nose.

For example, hold up a finger in front of your face.

Look at it with both eyes and note its location. Now cover up one eye, then the other. If one eye gives you the same location as when you’re looking at it with both eyes, and the other a different location, then the way you see is “unbalanced” towards the eye that sees it the same. Ideally, the finger should move both times a little left and right as one eye or the other “looks” at it separately.

The same preference comes into play with our sense of smell.

Take an aromatherapy oil and sniff it with one nostril only, holding the other shut.

Focus on the overall experience, how strong the scent is, what it tastes like in the back of your throat, how it affects your head and the rest of your body.

Now do the same with the other nostril and “spot the difference”.

Most people notice quite a difference in how much they can smell with one nostril or the other – that’s that preferential, unbalanced brain thing at work again.

So the first you can do to help balance your brain is the aromatherapy version of the alternate nostril breathing, where you hold one nostril shut at a time for one breath, then switch to the other for the next to a count of eight.

This is great and very de-stressing; choosing a good matching aromatherapy essential oil, something that you find uplifting or clearing, makes this even more interesting.

An aside – if you pay attention you can notice that one nostril “likes” some aromatherapy essential oils better than the other one, or experiences them completely differently – completely fascinating and good fun, so next time your friends come round, let them have a go, it really is so interesting!

But that’s just the basics of using aromatherapy essential oils for brain balancing.

Now is where it gets really interesting – we are going to use two distinctly different essential oils, one for each nostril, at the same time.

If you think about it, this would never happen in nature – you can only ever smell with both nostrils, what is there at the time. So what exactly that does to your brain, when it gets presented with two totally different scents at the same time, is really quite interesting and an experience in and of itself!

Aromatherapy Brain Balancing Using 2 Different Oils

Aromatherapy Brain Balancing Using 2 Different Oils

Presenting your brain with two different scents at the same time causes instant trance, that’s the first thing I noticed.

It also seems to activate the “lesser nostril” as it is sending different information, and after a while, it really starts to work better or more strongly or more synchronised, whichever way you want to describe this.

There are a number of other different side effects I’ve noticed, this effects the energy system and thereby your moods and emotions, and thereby your thoughts and ideas, quite dramatically.

And if you really want to “blow your mind and come to your senses” then after three or four deep breaths in through the nose with two separate essential oils, switch them over.

That’s a mind trip!

So that’s the basics of brain balancing (well, and having fun, having really interesting NEW experiences with your own body, mind, energy system, and aromatherapy essential oils!).

Now, it’s time to play!

Ooops, I meant seriously experiment, of course :-)

See even if you only own 6 different aromatherapy essential oils, the permutations on sending two at the same time through the two different nostrils are quite something, and each combination produces a different result.

There are combinations which do really, really strange things to your head (and your energy system!) for example Angelica and Pine. It’s like your brain really has to start working and waking up, it’s amazed and is trying to figure out what on Earth is going on.

Whilst that is happening, of course you forget your daily troubles and strife, and after a few of these experiments you’ll find yourself well spaced out, deeply relaxed, and probably thinking some thoughts you’ve never had before!

Aromatherapy is such good fun, there are so many wonderful experiences you can have, and this brain balancing thing/getting both your “noses” to scent at full capacity and capability – well yes, and stirring up the ol’ neural pathways a bit whilst you’re at it :-) is just one example of how much fun you can have with “creative aromatherapy”.


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