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Aromatherapy In Hospital

Aromatherapy In Hospital

Aromatherapy in hospital - which aromatherapy essential oils I chose to take with me to hospital, for moral support, to aid healing, but also for protection from the many disease thoughtfields and negative energies you would find in a hospital.

aromatherapy in hospital aromatherapy inhaler for hospital use

Aromatherapy Inhalers - Perfect For Hospital Use

I was recently taken to hospital with an acute illness and then had to return later for an emergency operation.

This gave me some time to think about what aromatherapy essential oils I wanted to take to hospital with me, and how to handle the whole aromatherapy thing in hospital overall.

I use aromatherapy oils specifically to change my mood and mind state; to change my emotions and stabilise my energy system; to ward off evil and support the auto-immune functions of the energy system first of all and before all else.

So and although I do use aromatherapy based lotions and potions to rub upon myself, bathe in, and eat and drink as well, the primary use I have is to sniff the essential oils and take them into my neurology, and into my energy system.

When you are lying flat on your back in a hospital bed, you’re not in any position to start mixing essential oils or even handling essential oil bottles. So the ready made inhalers are just perfect; all you have to do is put them near your nose and all is well with the world.

I am also a smoker – it’s a shamanic thing :-) – so not being able to smoke in hospital is an extra stressor on my system, mind, body and spirit – which I really don’t need. Luckily, Sage essential oil is EXCELLENT with nicotin and also cocain addictions, about the only thing I’ve ever found that really soothes the cravings and answers the body’s call for the substance in a satisfactory manner.

So my first choice was a heavy duty Sage inhalator – I used a mixture of different kinds of Sage, hardcore organic, and including Sage Triloba, Lavender Sage, and Spanish Sage for this one. And how very welcome and stress relieving that was! Very grateful to my good friend Sage for being there and making me feel at ease, no worries about the lack of tobacco, soothed and balanced.

The next thing in hospital I felt I needed absolutely was full on, powerful support from Mother Nature. Now, all aromatherapy essential oils are mother nature support; but I was after that specific old green vibration that is deep and subtle, so incredibly needed in all forms of healing, and quite literally banished and absent from modern hospital treatments.

I have a specific resonance to Wild Tansy (see the article on the topic nearby) so I dedicated an entire inhaler just to that and oh! it was wonderful to have it there, especially in between treatments of a painful and mechanical nature, and during those treatments too.

I made another inhaler based around pine and linden, with a touch of oak moss; that’s really old, powerful, deep green healing that doesn’t judge you in any way and resonates with the deepest and oldest levels of mind, body and spirit.

For uplifting and concentrating my faculties as well as cheering me up, I brought Cardamon and Hyssop which are amongst my favourites, really uplifting; I added just a touch of Spike Lavender to that inhaler for a cleaning/protective function as a hospital special.

Which brings me round to the protection of Aromatherapy in Hospital.

There are bugs and cooties all over the place; physical ones but also a massive army of non-physical things swirling about, attracted by all this pain and suffering over all that time, concentrated in this one place; and you really want to keep those at bay, they’re about the last thing you need when you’re feeling down.

There’s nothing more profoundly anti-cootie than Pennyroyal in my opinion; so I just used that in an inhaler by itself. I kept this inhaler very close by and used it as a silent energy charm throughout, very comforting indeed.

And finally, I took one inhaler for the luxury and joy, the child within, remembering beauty, summertime and health in its most vibrant state – my StarFields mix which is essentially Jasmine, Lotus, Elemi,  and Lime. This is personal to me; most people have their own recipes for this kind of thing. I wasn’t sure if I was going to use this, but actually I did at some point, just after the operation, I think it might have had something to do with having survived the thing, and finding the joy of being alive again, which had been eroded, it is true.

I can’t tell you how wonderful it was to have these magical potions to hand, to engage with them, to scent them, to feel their power of protection and uplifting. It kept me not just stress free but often even joyous and very light and well balanced throughout the whole testing time there, and yet again I am most thoroughly and whole heartedly grateful for the pure blessing that are the aromatherapy essential oils, each and every one a personal friend, protector, messenger of the Creative Order and then some.

God bless Aromatherapy!

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