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Aromatherapy Magic Curtain Keeps Out The Cooties!

Aromatherapy Magic Curtain Keeps Out The Cooties!

Spring has sprung. I've got the door open in my conservatory and I'm writing a new book. Within the spate of fifteen minutes, three really big buzzies came in through the open doors and each time I had to get up and steer them back outside. Time to bring forth the crystal bead curtain! And here starts an adventure into aromatherapy and energy that is so simple, practical and such good fun, you might as well call it magic :-)

Last year, I purchased a pricey crystal bead curtain to keep out the buzzies and let in the air. This being so, I didn't throw it away when winter came and I kept it. Now, pulling it from its hiding place, I see it is really rather dirty, especially at the top. Undismayed I decided to wash it, make it fresh and bright.

There, the thought entered that I should put some Petitgrain and Lemongrass into the last rinse as this really is very effective against buzzies of all kind; this made me happy, good idea I thought, and enjoyed first the washing, then the rinsing of the bead curtain thoroughly, breathing in the wonderfully fresh and delightful aromas of these excellent essential oils which really lifted my spirits.

As I'm hanging up my now sparkling crystal bead curtain that also is beautifully scented of Petitgrain and Lemongrass, I got to musing that this fly curtain was going to keep out more than just physical buzzies; it would keep out astral cooties too. Not only that, at the energy level and imbued with my intention, its own very crystal and pretty existence and these two glorious, brightly shining aromatherapy oils, this curtain would attract lovely things - fairies, positive energy forms, happy things that love such energy.

What a bonus!

I was already delighted and planning to write an article about it when I walked through it out into the garden to pour the water away; on my way back in I realised that walking through this "curtain of light" was doing something to me too - like a carwash for the aura - lol!

Now how cool is that!

Not only do we have a thing that is visually delightful; carries with it a wonderful scent on the fresh air that is entering the entire house (and that energy with it, flowing in, through and out the whole house eventually!). Not only do we have a practical object that really does keep the buzzies out and will protect me from having to get up every five minutes and disrupt the flow of my writing as I get divebombed by some helicopter from the insect kingdom. Not only have we just made a powerful attractive device for good energies and good entities - we have an instant energy car wash for the people's energy systems that go in and out of the house!

Isn't that just priceless?

This is the kind of magic I really like - so practical, so down to earth and most of all, so very delightful!

I feel so much happier now, so a grand thanks for the three big buzzies that made me get up and take some action, and thank you to Petitgrain and Lemongrass for teaching me something today which I have no doubt will brighten my life considerably in the days to come.

Aromaenergy is energy magic - and energy magic rocks!

SFX :-)


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