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Bog Myrtle Essential Oil: "Circle Of Safety"

Myrica Gale: Inviting, thoughtful, makes you think, step back and reflect, calm and safe, protected, feeling in control, drawing in and down to a place of safety.

Bog Myrtle

  • Bog Myrtle is very useful for people who let the wild horses of their imagination run riot; people who think in stress circles and get wound up easily; people who leap before they think. Grounding, stabilising and a great protection from psychic attacks and self doubts.

A group of travellers have made camp for the night in unknown lands; they light a fire and go about getting everything prepared for food and sleep. Amongst them is a young boy who doesn't like to be told what to do; he thinks they could have travelled much further and is frustrated with their slow progress.

Angrily, he declares that he will strike out on his own and get to the promised land far ahead of his family - armed with nothing but a stick he heads out into the darkening lands.

But away from the fire's shine, and all the voices and the noises from the camp, he can hear all sorts of rustlings in the bushes; can't see his way, can't be sure if that's a monster or a tree - he stops, he reconsiders, and not much later we can see him breaking bread and eating stew, safe between his mother and his father by the fire.


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