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Cade Essential Oil: "The Foundations"

Juniperus Oxycedrus: Strong, upstanding, moral, good decisions, building a strong future on solid foundations, success, safety, prosperity.


  • Cade is a strongly compelling remedy for any situation where good decisions are required or when the problems stem from a lack of security. Going back to basics and building from the ground up. Good for people who have suffered from major life changes, divorce, bereavement, business failure to help start over.

A family's house has been blown over in a storm - and now it's only splintered bits of wood, sticking out here and there, and all their belongings have been blown away or buried.

The man who build the house, the father of the family, looks at his wife and children, standing all forlorn and shivering, clinging to each other, crying for their loss. He looks across his time to when he was a younger man and built the house, and didn't go too far into the woods to find the strongest tree trunks, as he had wanted to be rid of all the work and set to drinking and talking with his friends instead.

He sighs, then smiles, goes to his wife and children, holds them tight and tells them not to worry, the next house will be built to last.

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