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Cardamom Essential Oil: "The Ocean Wave"

Elettaria Cardamomum: Intensely cleansing, instantly refreshing, brightens the spirit immediately, blows away negativity, intensively revitalising and rejuvenating


  • Cardamom is perfect to help you wake up, come back to your senses and feel instantly re-charged and refreshed. Very good for negative thinking and tired, worn out states of being.

A dusty traveller emerges from the shrub lands and stumbles down the beach towards the ocean.

They are tired and worn out but they walk forward and into the water. Suddenly, a big wave takes them by surprise and breaks right over their head!

When the wave recedes, the traveller is soaking wet, gasping for air, laughing out aloud - welcome back to life!

Try Cardamom if you need help with...



Mind Problems

Mind Problems



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