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Carnation Essential Oil: "Bright & Breezy"

Dianthus Caryophyllus: Light, ethereal, lucid, light hearted, fresh, light touch, easy, floating.


  • Carnation is a good choice for people who get too dour, intense, sarcastic or take the weight of the world on their shoulders and themselves far too seriously. Can be helpful when a light touch of inspiration is required to resolve a problem or a situation.

  A serious scholar sits by an open window in his study.

He is hunched over many dusty old books, squinting here and there, his brows deeply wrinkled, chewing on a pencil.

All of a sudden, a light breeze springs up and brings with it the scent of the garden into his musty study.

For a moment, he is irritated and tries to ignore it, but then he has to put down the pencil, shake his head and smile.

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