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Cassia Essential Oil: "The Exotic Dancer"

Cinnamonum Cassia: Penetrating, compelling, reactive, hot, fiery, spicy, exotic, different.


  • Cassia is good for people who have few emotions, are very stuck and rigid in their thinking or beliefs, and rigid and inflexible in their bodies. Generally, Cassia has a tendency to catapult consciousness out and away so that completely different conclusions on existing situations can be reached by this shift in altitude.

A man who was very serious and very set in his ways on his way home from work sees that a group of exotic travellers have made camp near the road where his house is. From the distance, he can hear laughter and music, and he can see the shine of huge roaring fire as well.

Incensed and disturbed, the man strides up to put an end to this nonsense and threaten the travellers with the police so that normalcy and order can be restored; but as he comes close, he is instantly captivated by a beautiful young woman who is dancing, framed by the fire.

He is entranced; forgets all about his complaints and sits down to watch her with the others.

Later, he shares their wine and later still, he too is seen to dance ...

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Sex and Sexual Problems

Sex and Sexual Problems



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