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Cumin Essential Oil: "A New Perspective"

Cuminum Cyminum: Different perspective, stepping aside, 2nd opinion, shifting vibrations, shifting aspects, un-trapping the consciousness.


  • Cumin is the perfect choice for people who have been repeatedly told that they must change their attitude - which is exactly what this essence does. It shifts a person away from their present attitude and into a different one, so they can observe old problems from a totally different perspective and gain much more information, clarity, and find new courses of action.

A queen is ruling her country with an iron fist - she herself is extremely determined and prides herself of her strength and perseverance. She doesn't like fools and lazy people, and makes ever more stringent laws without compassion to punish everyone she thinks is like that, which she thinks is everyone apart from her. People in her country suffer terribly and unjustly, and finally some amongst them make a petition to a great wizard who lives by the sea.

The wizard goes to the palace to see the queen, and places a spell upon her that she cannot speak but only see, hear and feel; he abducts the queen, strips her of her finery, dresses her in rags and puts her out in the worst part of town in the middle of the night. The queen tries to get back into her palace, but dressed as a beggar and being unable to speak, she is driven away by the guards, and so she has to live on the streets in her own kingdom, and she learns for herself just what her laws have done.

One week later, the wizard lifts the charm; the queen returns to her palace, and lives to become a wise and most beloved ruler.

Try Cumin if you need help with...

Bad Attitude

Bad Attitude





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