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Damiana Essential Oil: "Friends In High Places"

Turnera Diffusa: Compelling, forward thinking, visionary, task and success orientated, lifts up and out of introspection, helps make connections to friends in high places.


  • Damiana is a great essence for people who have meditation and self discovery mixed up with endless navel gazing. We may learn how bad the problem is by going inside, but only by going outside do we see the bigger picture and find the solutions. With the strong forward and upward lifting action of Damiana, it is very good for vision quests and to contact the higher forces.

There once was a very poor village where things were dire. There was little to eat; the fields around the village were stony, people's houses were crumbling and even though the villagers would get together and try help each other as best they could, there was really not a lot that they could do. A small child who didn't know any better got so upset at his mom crying again that he wrote a letter to the king.

The big scrawled piece of paper made its way from one laughing post man to another who may have been more thoughtful, but no-one threw the letter away and eventually, it landed on the desk of the king with the correspondence from other kings and high lords of the day.

The king read the letter and was much moved; he went to visit the village and the young boy, and used his money and resources to make things better for everyone in the village from that day forth.

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Being Unloved

Being Unloved

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