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Galangal Essential Oil: "Far Futures"

Alpinia Officinarum: Strongly compelling, drawing to the outer reaches, long journeys, far horizons, the future.


  • Galangal has the power of time perspective; it stimulates especially the astral circuitry which can see through time. An excellent choice when the future is unclear or seems fearful; also for people who are trying to "find themselves", find their life's purpose or have lost faith in the future.

An adventurer in a far away land of mists and trees and endless hills and rivers has lost his way.

He has come far but his resources are low and he has no idea how he came to be where he finds himself, nor where he should go next or what to do. He climbs a hill but all is grey in all directions; he can't even tell where the land ends or the sky begins. But then, a wind springs up from nowhere - a powerful rushing wind high above.

Not soon after, the land becomes revealed to him, and he can see for miles and miles - all the way to the mountains on one side, and the shores of the ocean on the other.

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