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Geranium Essential Oil: "The Clearing Wind"

Pelargonium Graveolens: Irrisistable, compelling, bright, cleansing, blows your thoughts away, banishes negativity in all forms and occurrences.


  • Geranium is one of those essences that won't take no for an answer. Perfect for people who need to be swept up and away, clear out their thoughts and energy systems, have a tendency to brood or to get too negative. Also a great psychic defence and disinfectant with many uses around the body and the home.

An old woman sits in her old house in the dark. The curtains are drawn against the light; this is her protection and her shadow world where night and day become the same and neither matters any more.

Thus it has been, and so she thought it would remain forever; but on this day, there is a knocking on the door, and when this is isn't answered, someone just comes storming in regardless - it is a young girl, a long lost niece, come to the rescue.

Like an irresistible wind of youth, she sweeps into the old woman's darkness, pulls open the curtains, throws open the windows - the clearing winds rush into the room, into the house; outside, spring has begun.


Try Geranium if you need help with...

Bad Attitude

Bad Attitude





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