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Grapefruit Essential Oil: "The Bright Light"

Citrus Paradisii: Joyous, powerfully compelling, uncompromisingly positive.


  • Grapefruit is a powerful defender against negativity of all kinds, whether it is self generated, or inherited, or comes from outside sources; it matters not. Excellent for people who need a real blast of bright light to bring them out of their darkness.

A young artist walks through the town. He is beautiful. He is rich. He is intelligent. He is creative. And yet around him there seems to be no joy; he seems cloaked in swirling shadows, clouds that never let the sunshine in and endlessly rain upon his soul.

A wise magician sees him, takes pity upon him, steps into his path and hands him a small orb of pure, clear glass.

The young man takes it, surprised, holds it to his heart - and then a flash of brightest light explodes and in an instant, the dark clouds have gone; the young artist takes a deep breath, a beautiful sunrise smile comes to his face - he bows his head and joyously, goes on his way.

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Mind Problems

Mind Problems



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