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Lemon Essential Oil: "The Mind Healer"

Citrus Limon: Revelation, rebirth, clarity


  • The name says it all - Lemon helps regain clarity of the mind, that means clarity of thought, of logic, of connecting cause and effect again and putting things into their rightful order and sequence. Helps with study, attention, and problem solving.

A researcher sits helplessly amidst his piles and piles of books, of notes, sheets cascading everywhere, every available wall space is filled with scribbled equations, words with question marks behind them - he has been at work for many years and for all his labours, all has just become insolvable, overwhelming. He falls asleep with his head on his latest notebook and he dreams.

In his dream, a woman appears, dressed in bright golden yellow clothes. She comes and stands behind him and places her hands either side of his head. Golden bright light bursts from her hands; like a storm it rushes through the man, blowing away confusion and re-arranging many things, bringing clarity and deep peace.

He sleeps then deeply, and when he awakes in the morning, he knows the answers he has sought so long.

Try Lemon if you need help with...



Low Achievement

Low Achievement

Mind Problems

Mind Problems

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