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Myrtle Essential Oil: "Good Housekeeping"

Myrtus Communis: Uplifting, strong, grounding, opens the senses, earthly success, good housekeeping, common sense.


  • Excellent for people who have trouble with physical activities, getting things done, keeping a clean home, sorting out their finances, finding the right order and sequence to make the earthly life work and provide a safe and nourishing base for the spiritual adventures.

A woman sits in her dusty, unkempt home, meditating once again, on love and wealth and earthly success, but in the back of her mind, all is full of swirling fears and insecurities because she doesn't know how to pay her bills. A knock on the door jars her out of the meditation, makes her angry that her out-of-body sanctuary has been thus invaded.

Outside there stands a tall old lady dressed in green. She tells the woman that she was sent by her higher self, to knock loudly on her door and tell her that the only way to get what she wants, in the world as well as in her spiritual quests, is to take care of the necessities of life first. The green lady hands the woman a gift - it is a small house plant. "This will not grow nor live unless you give it water, and sunshine," the green lady says, and then she simply vanishes into thin air.

Astonished, the woman takes the plant inside, and that very night, she starts the process of cleaning up her house as the first step to clearing up her world.

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